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~*~ ~*~ THINGS I KNOW ABOUT JORDY: ~*~ ~*~

Jordy Lemoine Jan.14,1988 (he is 13 now!)

He has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Parents: Patricia & Claud Lemoine. They are singers, song writers, producers & authors. They are divorced. He has step brothers & sisters.

He still lives some were near Caen, Bretagne. in the north country side of France. Lived in Flordia USA for a year (93/94)

On his family farm he has many animans, including rabbits, goats, ponys, deer and a lama.

He has a shaggy dog named jill.

He practises dance, judo, rideing, & music.

His favorite foods are: apples & candy. (at age 5)

He is in the Gencis book of world records for being the youngest to have a #1 hit. At the age of 4 1/2.

In 94 he was band from the raido & tv in France, because they thought that his parents were exploiting him. which ended his career.

He is the youngest to enter the Billboard top 100 charts.

He has 3 albums. "Pochette Surprise", "Potion Magque", "La Re'cre'ation" & 2 never releced "suprise partie","DJ Jordy"

His album "Pochette Surprise" went platium and gold.

He has a viedo called, "Viedo Surprise"

Was on french tv shows jan. 99, & preforming dec. 00

Jordy says, "i dont really remember my preformances as being work, i really didnt know what i was doing, i was just having fun"


dur dur d'etre be'be'

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