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manderin oranges straight out the can


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it this a bronx thing? hahaha


shit i just ate a bagel from dunkin donuts, there is no place open




i cop em by the 2o pack case, they are mad cheap and better than candy...


but i picked that up in new haven, and thats like 3o min on the lines to bx

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yeah, my mom put me on to those when i was young'n.

real delicious.

they're the saving grace of those gross ass jello salads you get at holidays. i always eat the mandarin oranges and the peach chunks and leave all that other gobbldy gook where it sits.

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i wish i had some, i just woke up with an undying thirst for something... anything


i'm now microwaving ice cubes that i had saved up cause we got nothing to drink


shit sucks


just go open your water main with a prybar and hit the main with some vice grips...







wait... they turned your water off righrt?

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