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Your ex bitch hanging out with your current bitch...


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Top Posters In This Topic

im an overall friendly person so i can see from her point of view. obviously your ex girl has moved on and can feel comfortable being around mutual friend and your current interest.. no big deal with that.


i mean i would like to hope that was the reason, maybe it is some sly sabatage shit. but ive stayed friends with ex's and been comfortable around their new girl with no problems.. and if the gf isnt cool around me..than whatever and if shes cool with it..than fine

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I used to have an ex that kicked it with my new girl. She was always like "She's so awesome...I'm glad you found her. Blah blah blah."


And the new girl was like "She's so awesome...why'd you leave her? Blah blah blah."


Needless to say, I tried to kick off the three way several times.








No dice.






Shit got old after awhile and eventually I made them hate each other.



glad i actually read some of the posts in here before typing out this exact statement


only difference is i'm still pushing the threesome before i get them to hate each other

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I have two friends who are girls I dated. Beyond that, it's not happening. If it's just me and a girl hooking up, then friendship is an option if the sex part doesn't work out.


If an ex tried to get friendly with a new girl I was dating, I'd assume the worst and go let the ex know that shit doesn't fly with me. I call shenanigans.

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my ex girlfriend came up to my work while i was working so she can introduce me to her new boyfriend and say that we should hang out.


i havent dated this bitch in 2 years and shes making cameo appearances now and trying to set me up on play dates.

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a while back i was datin this chick...we broke up she went on a 2 week vacation so i hooked up with her bestfriend whom she shared an apartment with. shit was awkward as fuck they'd both get into it while im just chillin on the couch drinkin mah beer. then the current and i would bounce and go to my crib. now that i think about it it was pretty fucked of me cause the first chick didn't do anything wrong but her friend had the biggest most perfect tits i've ever had the pleasure of puttin my hands on. but yeah that realationship didn't last long. cause i left for 2 weeks to tour through the soufwest and she cheated on me the whole time i was gone. biatch!!!! now they're both with some douche one got fat the other still looks good. and i don't really talk to either of em.



i'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with the topic.....wait yes it does. cause they would still hang out all the time together.

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So new girl goes out and gets a job...good right? Not good, as it turns out the job is with old girl (and her best friend, and her bst friends mother, her best friends brother...you get the point, not a good situation for new girl). So I feel obligated to call old girl and tell her the deal, at which point she starts to have a complete emotional breakdown. That day I go to see her on my lunchbreak to try and calm her down and yeah, from there I'm fuckin with her again.


Basically, nothing good can come of ex's hanging out with current bitches


man this same thing kinda happened to me - different situation. I was dating this one chick , quit seeing her for awhile and was dating this other chick who worked at a bar, and was seeing this third chick at the same time... they both didnt like the 3rd girl and she was the scapegoat, but once I stopped seeing the third.... Neither were serious, but bar girl lost her job, then ex got her a job with her at the department store...


So I started seeing both of them at the same time. Ex started being real friendly with bar chick, hanging out after work, etc etc etc. Same shit, I would be talking to one on the work line while sending texts to the other on her cell... Even one time I told ex not to come over because I was with another chick, the bar chick. Next time they worked tomorrow she told her how upset she was, and bar girl didnt blow my cover, but was like "yo that was me over there wasnt it?" So basically she got her a job, got real chummy, and made her feel bad about seeing me...


Ex didnt talk shit, and I was doin both on different days, but she started being like "ohh I love hi sooo much yadda yadda" all the time at work... Bar chick didnt talk to me for a week, and I hit her up like "whats up, why you mad?" and she was like "Im not mad, but this girl just talks about how much she loves you and honestly I hear about you so much at work Im kinda sick of you even tho I havnt talked to you in a week"



would give props all around, but Im done for the day

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