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i fucking hate always having something go wrong with the whip. 100 here 300 there... fucking shit adds the fuck up.


anyway just found out my car needs about a grand of work done on it. less than year after buying for 2 grand and putting another grand into it. fuck.


i ride a bike as well but a car is needed for late night hoe missions and just chilling and getting around.


all in all owning a car is way too much stress. whether its paying for repairs, paying for parking tickets, paying for gas, paying for in insurance, all way to being the one to drop off all your friends drunk as hell..


wish i would of made a better choice on this whip.


rip lexball?


also i hate that this world revolves around money. i wouldnt mind if i were rich tho.

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Cars are way too expensive. When I moved to the city I sold mine and stay riding the Bike. Or ride the bus/train. Or I'm one of the guys you're drivin' around. If you can lose the ride, I'd say go for it. Although there are many times I do wish I had a whip. Try and do some of the work yourself. If you get in over your head I'm sure there's many people on the Oz that could help you out. Plus you could post pics, and start a cool thread.

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Ive been putting off a front end alignment for about 2 months now....





But I keep up with the oil change on the regular and use those STD gas tank cleaners every other week.

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i used to care about my car... now i just put gas into it, if shit breaks i'll take it to the garage and fix it myself if its something i need to take care of for it to be drivable


if its something small i dont care

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