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How many drinks do you need for a good night out?


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Top Posters In This Topic

i used to drink almost about a half to 3/4 of a 750ml bottle of liquor every other night for about 4 months.


I also used to drink as soon as I got out of work at 3pm until around 10, 3-4 nights a week.


Then I slowed down and drank about twice a week, sometimes in the range of 5-10 mixed drinks a night at a bar and maybe a shot.


Now I havent drank in over a month

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I don't know. I guess the way to calculate with me is to say:


Pints of stella 5.2% abv. (Worth mentioning because I could drink bud light till the cows came home.)

Each one on average taking 30 mins to drink, taking into consideration the fact that I eventually start drinking slower. Start drinking at 8pm finish at 4am. Call it. 13 pints. PLUS Shot of tequila x3 and at least 2 gin and tonics and 2 Morgans and cokes. If cocaine comes into the equation then I could drink indefinitely. But so could anyone.


when americans say "a beer"...how much beer is that? those small cans? a bottle? pints?


in the uk, as jackson mentioned we drink pints - which are 568ml or just over half a litre.

everytime ive been stateside i have ended up with bottles (around the 300ml mark) or a can the size of a can of coke (330ml)...


when im out, and if im on a "good night out" ill usually have 4-5 pints then move on to a couple of morgan spiced and cokes. maybe throw a few shots in, then go home for a spliff.


but then again, i like staying sober enough to know whats happening. you will never see me stumbling around, piss stained trousers mumbling to myself. i enyou laughing at others the next day...

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I quit drinking for almost 4 months and it did WONDERS for my tolerance and stomach.


I went out Friday around 8 p.m, drank a 12 pack of Heiny and maybe 3 or 4 beers out of the keg during pong, then smoked a blunt and by 12:30 pm I was stumbling home throwing up all over.


Got up the next day with a splitting head ache, but surprisingly NO shits at allll.


Tonight is the first night my boy up the street has an open house for the next week and I think we're kicking it off with a banger. His house just has that crazy party atmosphere so I'm sure I'll be testing my new tolerance to the limits tonight.



It feels really good to not have to drink a fucking 30 pack++ to get drunk enough to stumble.

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