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⚠️ GAME: True or False


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True... kinda.


I was raised an only child by just my mom. When I was 21 my mom and birth father got back together (even though my mom told me he had died in a motorcycle accident years before) and my dad asked if my brother and I kept in touch. Because I didn't know I had a brother... the answer was no. Eventually my brother, father, mother and I were all back together after twenty years apart... my brother and I didn't know about each other until this moment. He is a year younger than me. There's also waaaayyyyyyyy more to the story.  


My brother lived with another family my parents knew in Kansas growing up.


TPBM lives in the same town they grew up in. 

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true, why not. hopesfall-no wings to speak of, goldie-timeless, and a TIE between metallica-ride the lightning/master of puppets/...and justice for all. and not a ton of thought went into this...

tbpm doesn't mind the occasional rain storm because the plants/gardens are getting a break from the heat and watered.

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false It's really fucked me happening this week.

MY house was being renovated for the last 9 months hand over was to be tuesday - cancelled

I have an exercise physiologist appointment friday - cancelled

Doctors appointment on friday morning about my sleep study - cancelled

Birthday party my kid was so excited about - cancelled.

Schools and childcare centres closed meanwhile I still have to work and my wife counts as essential worker so i have to work with two kids at home.


TPBM didnt get to the end of schnitzels rant



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Last week I was involved in casual conversation with two other white men about binoculars. The man with binoculars around his neck was bragging about what a great deal they were and when asked what brand he said "made by chinks, ha ha, air quotes "that was not politically correct" made in China". I guess he felt the need to impress upon his new acquaintances his position, which I could have just as soon done without. I have encountered similar attitudes for years, often in the workplace and am not really a fan, especially there.


I have not really encountered the new pc warrior in the wild but have seen enough of their shit to know I am not a fan of that either. 


Taking a pass because it is a loaded question that means different things to different people but am inclined to say that I am not a fan, especially if you take it to the most basic interpretation, that there is a universal correct and incorrect political view.


TPBM has made or will make a black Friday electronics purchase.









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