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⚠️ GAME: True or False

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True... kinda.   I was raised an only child by just my mom. When I was 21 my mom and birth father got back together (even though my mom told me he had died in a motorcycle accident years bef

Of course I have. I love McDonalds. Had some for lunch today.. go..dooo it.   I thought of that cause some fat chick recently told me shed never had a Big mac (ya right) and gave me this dis

Lol. I feel like your dad might actually be younger than a lot of people here.   I think eggplant is a gross sponge food.   Tpbm prefers knee high socks

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False, but there is always today and tomorrow, it usually takes a while for resolutions to stick with me but one I get there I am usually there.

Peaky Blinders I watched one episode until the electric guitar riffs at the beginning of fight scenes was too distracting to continue.


TPBM is McLovin


edit double trouble posting quickfire

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False, I was last at the library in February to pick up a touristic book for my trip to the Dominican Republic right before this whole thing got cracking in earnest. Libby is a great app for accessing electronic content through your library btw.


TPBM walks on the regular for fitness and enjoyment.

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True- i dont have kids but this applies to all kids. I have this irrational anger that Im dealing with when I see kids out walking around like they are the shit. Punk ass little motherfuckers  GET OUT OF THE GOD DAMN STREET!!!



Tpbm understands why cellentani is the only noodle of choice for the discerning pasta connoisseur.

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