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⚠️ GAME: True or False


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False. There is good craft beer and there is garbage craft beer, most of everything popular (food, fashion, beer, etc) sucks with a small percentage of it having real value. That said, I drink highlife when I drink.



Tpbm's workplace has "mandatory fun" outings that are supposed to be team building events but really just waste a day 

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False, I have not been on a company paid outing in about fifteen years. The shop that had them did em right though, with liquor flowing and the taxi home after paid for.


TPBM can hear music from passing cars from their home computer station.

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I e  learned in (most) if the horticulture field, people are very conscious of what they eat.  Once you learn about plants you learn a lot about yourself too 



would overlook the fact a girl hasnt shaved her legs  (like never) in order to get some cut 

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Tralse /frue 🤔depends on the girl if the legs never been done that's one big ass beaver you're heading towards. would be looking like agro from cartoon connection



TPBM would consider a life without pasta as not worth living

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