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1 minute ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

HA! Of course I have. Are you one of those weirdos who have not...?

Of course I have. I love McDonalds. Had some for lunch today.. go..dooo it.


I thought of that cause some fat chick recently told me shed never had a Big mac (ya right) and gave me this disapproving look when I told her I loved McDonalds.


OK Karen, keep stuffing your face with gluten free shit thinking that will make a difference when you have 10x the rec portion size. Dummy.

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False, I’ve never set foot in a Waffle House.


However, I was in a similar waffle 🧇 type diner in Chicago in the late 90s, around 2-3 am peaking on shrooms. I remember going to the washroom ...
[scene missing]
I woke up lying on my back on the washroom floor with two guys standing over me asking if I was okay. I hopped up, dusted off, and played it off like I meant to do that. Check please!




TPBM has been to Catalina Island.


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