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⚠️ GAME: True or False


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False, sex can be a messy thing, I do not associate the word accidental with orgasm. If the question had been about busting before I would like to the answer would be true.


TPBM believes that despite what they tell you in grade school there actually are some stupid questions.

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Haha. True.


The person below me has thought of an invention (ex: post it note,head on?)

as means to make money. Days later tpbm found out it has

already been invented via infomercial.


*edit. I re read this mess and decided I need to go to sleep

because it doesn’t really make any sense.

sooooo- The person below me rides public transportation.

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When I was a teenager I had long hair and the females were often impressed with my prowess in wrapping a towel around my head, so I thought of inventing a towel hat with a draw string for those less talented than myself. Years later I see that product on TV and hear that it was a big success.


No public transportation for me in years unless I am in a city that I flew into.


TPBM stopped riding at the back of the bus and now sits up front because dealing with the crazies lost its appeal at some point.

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