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11 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

True people cranking one out what they think is gonna be a silent jank is always hilarious. I also had a propensity for catching dumb shit that no one else saw making me laugh for apparently no reason making me look crazy AF. Like this girl asked the teacher to go to the bathroom. She was headed out of the class. When she got to the closed door she started knocking on it. Then she had a visible moment where she realized she was in the class room and didn't need to knock to leave. I immediately made eye contact with my homie and all he said out loud in the middle of the class was "I saw it too!" And we both started laughing out collective asses off.




Tpbm - prefers 2000s rap music

Hell naw. 90’s-2005 barely.

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True. Before we got smart TVs we had the computer hooked up to the TV to do streaming things. Now it's still just kinda there. The keyboard quit working. Should probably just throw that old piece of junk away but it's got a lot of pictures on it that need to be rescued first.


Tpbm is a sucker for the romanticized version of the 1900s in America 

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