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Lord Ashee's Picture Thread

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THE NEAR DEATH OF 12ozPROPHET - 04-23-2009 until 05-29-2009




As I'm sure most of you have no doubt noticed, there's been a major problem with the boards starting early afternoon on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. We're still investigating things, but sometime on Wednesday we had a catastrophic failure of the 'post.MYB' table in the forum database for 12oz. Basically this means that all post data here on the boards got corrupted in a very ugly way. After two straight days of running every sort of diagnostic and recovery effort known to man, we were unable to save it. Worse the automated backup was of the corrupted data, so that was useless as well. Our only choice was to try and put it together with the last clean version of the data, which was from April 11, 2008. Luckily, only this one table of data was lost, so all user account information and other data was saved.


Anyhow, we're working to fully understand what the hell happened, and once we do, we'll put a plan together to keep this from happening again. In the meantime, here's a unique opportunity to rebuild all those same threads to be even bigger and better than the originals. We'll post another announcement when we have additional news, and definitely feel free to email webmaster@12ozprophet.com if you spot any other weirdness going on.


Apologies for the drama, and thanks for the continued support.

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April 24, 2009


BY MARY WISNIEWSKI Transportation Reporter mwisniewski@suntimes.com

The CTA has become a scarier place.


Robbery has soared 77 percent on CTA trains, platforms and buses in the past three years, from 246 incidents in 2006 to 436 in 2008, according to the Chicago Police Department.


Theft -- when no force is involved -- is up 6 percent, from 1,173 reported crimes in 2006 to 1,238 in 2008.


"We see a lot more robberies, pickpockets, snatch and grab," said Michael Fuentes, Chicago chapter head for the Guardian Angels, a volunteer crime-fighting group. He thinks the worst spot is the subway at Jackson -- both at the Red and Blue Line platforms and in the tunnel that connects them. "You see a lot there because you have everyone switching trains."


Unemployment hit 9.3 percent Thursday in Illinois, the highest in 17 years. Meanwhile, public transit ridership is up 6 percent since 2006. Fuentes thinks the combination may have led to more crime.


John Graeber, commander of the public transportation section for the Chicago Police, agreed that more riders means more crime. But he expressed doubt about the economy's role, noting that criminals on the CTA are often juveniles, without bills to pay, who are just looking for chances to steal.


He thinks one reason theft is up is because many riders don't pay attention to their surroundings.


"In 2006, these younger kids on the train weren't wearing their iPods and MP3 players and carrying a thin laptop," Graeber said. "These entice the opportunists."


Chicago Police have responded to the crime wave with a "robbery mission team" for public transit, with plainclothes officers focused on the high-crime times of 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. to 3 a.m., Graebe said.


Police made 4,933 arrests on the system last year, compared with 4,576 in 2007.


They have put a special focus on the west branches of the Blue and Green lines, where about 25 percent of the robberies happened.


Graeber said CTA thieves often travel in packs of three and go from car to car looking for victims. A common practice is for a couple of the culprits to make noise or create a diversion while the other picks pockets -- the most common crime on the CTA.


Graeber said passengers should keep their purses and laptops under their arms or under their feet instead of on the seats next to them.


If they're wearing jewelry, they should try to conceal it, and men should carry wallets in their front coat or pants pockets, not in the back.


Thieves also are more likely to target victims near doors -- so they can make a quick getaway.


Mostly, passengers should stay alert, Graeber said.


"The ride can be relaxing and enjoyable when you're looking out the window and listening to your iPod, and that's the worst thing you can do," Graeber said.


Being too trusting also can be a problem. Michael Olds, 20, a Robert Morris College student from Kansas City, Mo., became a victim early Tuesday morning in the tunnel at Jackson.


Olds said a passenger on the Blue Line heading into the Loop chatting with him and expressed curiosity about his $250 iPhone.


"He seemed nice," Olds said.


In the tunnel, Olds made the mistake of letting the stranger look at the phone, and he took it, telling Olds, "Get away from me before I have to hurt you."


Olds and some Guardian Angels managed to run down the suspect in the next couple of hours and have him arrested, but the phone was gone.


The incident made Olds paranoid.


"I don't trust people, even to talk to them anymore," he said.


.....................:shook:................ :haha: :haha: :haha: .........................



Robbery is on the rise on the CTA buses, L trains and station platforms. Here's a quick look at crime on the CTA over the last three years:


CRIME 2006 2007 2008

Murder 0 1 1

Sexual assault 2 3 2

Robbery 246 377 436

Aggravated assault 38 52 39

Aggravated battery 75 85 94

Burglary 4 1 3

Theft 1,173 1,258 1,238

Source: Chicago Police

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Olds said a passenger on the Blue Line heading into the Loop chatting with him and expressed curiosity about his $250 iPhone.


"He seemed nice," Olds said.


In the tunnel, Olds made the mistake of letting the stranger look at the phone, and he took it, telling Olds, "Get away from me before I have to hurt you."



stupid hick.

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