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Breaking Bad


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Guess Todd's not a cop then.


They probably will be lookin for the kid from quite a large area, but still he disappeared around the same time the truck obstructed train... quite a coincidence. But perhaps the train delay will go unregistered anyway.


Quite a risk they took with the truck though, I would've thought the train dudes would have to answer their boss about delays and take down the license plate number etc, fine the company or some shit. At least to have an excuse for the delay.

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I am surprised they let Todd in on the scheme like this. I can understand having him drive the truck for chem/water transport, but to have him on top of the train when they don't know shit about him was risky. He did a shit load of work to get the chems and is going to want his cut.

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Idk if it was just me but i really underestimated todd at first. that whole time i was was thinking why the fuck are they even engaging in conversation with this dork? Afterward I was thinking he was going to be a liability.. But damn they really flipped the script. Todd is a beast.

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I understand Todd was just carrying out orders .. But I really don't think the kid had any idea what he was looking at. Could of just told him "We're with the train company & you're trespassing. Get out of here before we call the police". He'd probably believe them.


You got to think in the heat of the moment, adrenaline is pumping after a heist, and you see someone (a kid) who possibly watched the whole thing. It's a kid. Kids talk. It was definitely spur of the moment with Todd, especially because what Jesse said "boosting methyl amine from a train is a major rap, no one, other than us, can know this robbery went down. Nobody. You got it" - too Todd. Todd was just doing what he was told, well what he assumed was what both Jesse and Walt wanted him to do. Jesse is definitely going to regret wording it like that.



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you guys put a lot of thought into this show.








I clearly have nothing better to do. LOL.This is the only reason i come to 12oz anymore.


I like how Mike and Walt are at eachothers throats this whole season meanwhile Jessie is coming up with every major plan. The magnet to destroy the computer and the train heist were both genius ideas that went wrong.



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