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I'm looking forward to this    hope it's good after the fuckin' debacle that is Better Call Saul!    not that BCS is bad but it's so slow and the big pause has  probably alientated

Thought El Camino was okay, but seemed more like an opportunity to squeeze a little more money out of the serious than anything necessary. Cool we get a sort of conclusion to the story line and clear

I just watched it and I liked it

Posted Images














My back hurts, so I'm not in the mood to type out a long review. I did however find a video which pretty much sums up my thoughts on tonights episode.






I will say this though, Just give Bryan and Anne there Emmy's now. This episode was amazing. Plus Mike is always good on screen. The things he says is comical. Like a grumpy grandpa.

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Did you notice the window behind Lydia in the beginning spelled out Gale? I wonder if that means anything or am I doing a Husk ;P


Did we see a shimmer of Walts conscience tonight when Jesse gave him the watch? Great episode.

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guy from IGN boards...



the watch stopping on 52 makes me think that not only does the show end at 52 years old, but he probably dies at 52. and im also thinking hes gonna die similar to scarface. oh and jessie being the only person that gave him a present was deep.



My thoughts...


This episode was all about dialogue and little moves that will affect the rest of the series. Like Lydia and the tracking device...We don't know what they're gonna do but before Jessie gave Walt the watch he said to him, " I like your idea."



Skyler needs to get her shit together man. I'm really tired of seeing her moping all over the fucking place. The pool stunt along with her depressive behavior was just good writing, as she was just thinking about the kids. There is absolutely no way Walt can promise that they're safe from anything.


Hank is inching ever closer and he is putting surveillance on Mike. I'm sure it won't be anything Mike can't handle though. The real problem is Lydia, Hank is suspicious of her too and noticed she was slightly out of it.




Some quotes that were intriguing to hear....


Walt saying, "Nothing stops this train." He doesn't want anything slowing down his money and that is what is gonna get him in trouble. He's going to make questionable decisions (He might have already made one with keeping Lydia alive) that will come from his greed. He is just now feeling like a BOSS! That's why he sold his Aztek for $50 and got a sweet new car!

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Great episode. Walt is power tripping hard. I know we aren't actually going to see it on the series, but "realistically" if Mike's granddaughter got randomly ran over by a car, he would just kill everyone and fuck off, let his comrades rat him out or whatever, he woudn't care anymore.

Walt is putting all the eggs on one basket when it comes to Mike. I just hope Walt doesnt go all crybaby again when everything goes to shit. We've seen that so many times and it's always embarrassing to watch. My guess is Skyler gets an ethical reason to snitch out Walt.

Or Junior finally becomes a part of the actual plot. Walt has an urge to let his son know the real baller status his dad has. Once Junior gets the hang of it, shit will most likely collide with fan.


For the record, I never blamed the director for fucking up a script that involves two psychotic idiots chasing a fly in a meth lab and open their hearts to each other. Thing is, both Walt and Jesse are anti-heroes, I personally dislike them both very much. I get moments that I would really really like to identify with them, mostly Jesse, but then they start acting all dumb and crazy. It's really hard to watch an episode revolve around just the two loose cannons go apeshit in a claustrophobic environment. at least to me Breaking Bad is at it's best when you see how they interact with the outside world: Threats, families, crazy random mishaps etc. When there's that "anything can happen" feel to it.

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The one thing I wanted to say earlier and forgot-Isn't Lydia in AUSTIN? She's in Texas I thought- If thats right, then she'll be seeing Hank around soon. He's not going to let this go that easily. Not after being doubted the whole time to find out he was right. Prob do it "off" his watch im sure


Also, still waiting on walt jr to roll his crutches into traffic

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@Bedframed - My thoughts exactly.

@Viperface. that comment wasn't directed towards you about the fly episode. i was just stating that, becuase alot of people thought the episode sucked, and I'm sure thought last nights episode was great, which is why i said that.































Possible forshadowing of head being split open? lol If you remember the doom bells playing as this happened. People think on it . lol im serious.

These shots of Walt, along with him shaving were awesome.







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"The ending of tonight’s episode, “Fifty-One,” reminded me of the ending of “Fly” from season three. They both concluded with Walter lying in bed staring at something (tonight, the watch from Jesse; in “Fly,” a fly on the smoke detector), perhaps pondering a recent day full of intense conversations."




"In “Fly,” Walter had spent the day in the lab with Jesse trying to eradicate ‘contamination.’ Throughout the course of the day, the two had some really candid conversations. Walter seemed like he was almost going to come clean about what happened with Jane. He didn’t, but they still had some pretty candid, personal, and intense conversations. That night he went to bed with a racing mind, unable to sleep, and the episode ends with Walter staring at a fly on the smoke detector. "




"In “Fifty-One,” Walter had spent the night with his family, halfheartedly celebrating his birthday. Later, he had an extremely intense, heated conversation with Skyler. Neither of them really held back. The next night, after dealing with some business, he returned home and tried to manipulate Skyler further. Afterward, he went to bed, staring at the watch from Jesse sitting on the table. The episode ends with the loud ticking of the watch.


Both “Fly” and “Fifty-One” were written by Sam Catlin and directed by Rian Johnson. Both are excellent episodes in a fantastic series. "

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For me Skyler has been the biggest break on the series so far.

I reckon she's going to do a turnaround, become cool and realise that Walt can achieve anything with a bit of support.

Then she'll get hooked on the supply (personally I think she already has a bit of a crackhead look about her) and o.d.

Then Walt will get a smoking hot supermodel girlfriend and change his name to Tony Montana and move to Spain, where hijinks will ensue.

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Bryan Cranston Rules!


"Once, tender, innocent young Cranston was just a naive teenage boy, passing his time like any other lad on the precipice of adulthood—by boozing it up in the Netherlands with a bunch of cheap Dutch prostitutes."


"Cranston reminisced recently about his rainbows-and-butterflies past, recalling that back in his heyday, “Beer is a nickel, and the hookers are cheap—it was 24 guilders, which I think was $8, to get laid. We’re all writing home to our parents for more money: ‘We’re having such a good time, Mom and Dad! Please send more money! We promise to pay you "back!’”





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"See that watch? It was a birthday present. The person who gave me this present, wanted me dead too. Not that long ago he pointed a gun right between my eyes, and he threatened to kill me. He changed his mind about me Skyler, and so will you."











^^ They look very similar. what does it all mean? lol

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Has anyone else noticed the evolution of Walter White? He started off as a caring loving father. Who cared about his family, son, wife, daughter. Cared about providing and doing what was necessary for family. Now he has evolved into a more materialistic kingpin. The cars, the birthday party for him which he was expecting. it's more about having the money and power more than it is about having and caring for his family.It's more about controlling and having power of everyone and everything now. Manipulating everyone. He has fully embodied the roll of a boss, with this latest stunt with selling the car and buying two really loud looking cars. He is a on a crash course. This photo sums it up.....



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he does the bacon by himself on that last bit probably^


I liked the whole episode, especially when Walt would put Skyler in her place, being a boss.


The only part that made me want to change the channel for a second was that dubstep shit, who the fuck thought that was a good idea? yuck.

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