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Breaking Bad


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Yes, because Walt is acting as a different person in the beginning. If you recall, he had a NH drivers license. Hair grown out. The waitress said "have a nice day Mr. Lambert" Walt is a smart guy and wouldn't wear anything that would resemble his actual life. This was a clip of whats to come at the end/ middle of the season I'm guessing. a flash forward if you will. Walt has been ran off into hiding, now he is back and is buying a M62!!!!! Cannot fucking wait. Only 3 more days and 21 hours and 2 minutes to go. LOL

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Tonights episode was all about Mike














“…forget your hand cuffs? i’m confused, am i under arrest here or not?”


Mike was awesome tonight. Trying to find photos from when he visited Chow (or whatever chinese dudes name) house. That scene was awesome. Also Lydia's home scene was great.









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taken from his facebook page:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


RockTheCasbah-"tennis shoes. cool chicks. yoo hoo. music with bass. comfort. chucks. levis. walking aimlessly at 3am. silver ink. dreaming about weird things like wizards and caves. family. gang activity. another yoo hoo. coffee. american spirits. art supply stores. painting. breaking glass and the sound it makes. blood. fireworks. explosions. trespassing. loitering. sleeping in. staying up. back flips. dying before your time. 80s punk rock. vespas and lambrettas. fixed gears before they became "cool." (anything before it became "socially accepted as being cool" for that matter) telling people to shut up. accents. signals. deciphering codes. random acts of niceness. planned violence. stress relief. toast. pop tarts and toaster strudels. sunglasses all the time because the light sucks. being rutho carpathian. bothering neighbors with my music. not smoking weed. judaism. egyptian script. kanji. russian rap. the sound of automatic weapons. taking naps. instant messenger and no telephone."

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