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Breaking Bad


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that Breaking Bad poster is everywhere. Go to tumblr, and search breaking bad. thats all thats on that page.lol




I so wonder what the new season is going to be like. Is Walt going to be the new kingpin, How would he establish himself? Possibly with aid of the Saul & Mike


see here....



In some ways yes, but not really. Walt is the new Gus. Look at the lengths he has gone to stay alive. His smarts, ruthlessness, all lead to him becoming the new Gus. I'm interested to see what is going to happen with them actually cooking meth, now that the place where they cooked it was blown up. Any idea what they're going to do with this season? My guess is Walt goes to gretchen and her husband (Walt's old friends, even thought they left on bad terms) and let them in a "business" proposal or gets back into the company which he originally started. But in the while Walt will end up setting up something like Gus had did, but using Gretchen's company as the front.Which will in end get them tied up into Walt's problems, causing a big fiasco in which Walt has to fix, while keeping them in the dark. Just like he did with Hank. Hmm.Which also brings in the question, does Hank know? and I can see Mike and him being ex-cop buddies who have been feeding each other information to an extent, and Hank knows what Walt has been doing. I can see Hank either still chasing Walt or coming on board as his ears in the DEA.hmmm. Mike will definitely be on Jesse's side, when the things go bad between Walt and him.


Plus I don't know if this is too far fetch but i could see there actually being someone who was above Gus, as the head boss of a worldwide ring, and Gus just played a small part in something much bigger. and this person will come into play. I don't know, I just can't wait anymore damn!!!!I can't really think what AMC will do, thats why this show is so great.


Any predictions or thoughts on what you think will happen. This is the last season of the show. 2 parts, 16 episodes in all, with the first 8 starting in july, then i guess a few months for a break then the final episodes. SHIT!

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I think Walt and Jesse will be starting off again from scratch.. they got nothing. Walt doesn't have any money his wife gave the majority of it away to that fuckhead who then broke his neck trying to get away. I have no clue how the 5th season is going to work sense all the big players are dead. Walt is stuck with that car wash. Their will have to be a tun of new characters introduced. I'm sure with Gus and cartel leaders dead their will be a lot of war with the local dealers & gangs battling for control and territory. I'm just trying to wrap my head around everything. Vince Gilligan is a mastermind. I know it will work out just fine.

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on Conan, Aaron Paul said this season "may or may not have a lot of deaths" . He also said it's getting very dark. My guess is their will be a lot of deaths. Walt will take over Gus's position. I mean if you look at last seasons poster




It pretty much summed up Walt in the 4th season. Now here is season 5's poster.




"All Hail The King"


My guess is, why would AMC say a statement like this, to only disappoint and have the finale season be about them starting back at the bottom. No. My basic assumption is Walt and Jesse, take over Gus's people (thus doing so by having Mike on their team) , setting up basically the same network, just different ways of production/distribution/ as well as their own cooking location. Walt has basically outsmarted the "King". He will be just as ruthless if not worse than Gus in the final season.


It's going to be interesting to see, what comes of the investigation of the death gf Gus along with Don Hector Salamanca,.


As we all know Hank had his suspicions, and this will pretty much seal the deal with the D.E.A. finally realizing he was tied in with the players. Gus dying with the "crippled little rata" (Old cartel capo).I can see Hank coming after Walt once again, to hunt down the person who took out the suspected "boss". Hanks going to have his suspicions that someone took them out, and took his place. HMMM.









This dude (Jesse Plemons) joins the cast of season 5, to play a working class man, who we presume gets tangled into Walt and Jesse's plotting, scheming, and drug running.



"As reported by TVLine, Plemons was tapped to play the major recurring role of Todd, who is described as a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy. But this is Breaking Bad, so chances are there’s more to Todd than what is immediately apparent. This is a show that loves creating deeply layered characters, going well out of its way to humanize even it’s most obvious villains. So while I’m sure Todd will start off exactly as described, just your average hardworking Joe, he will blossom into a truly memorable character. I probably shouldn’t make guarantees like that for the series, but I have the utmost faith in Vince Gilligan and his team of excellent writers."

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i hope skyler dies


I watched some blooper reels the other week and she wasn't as annoying as she was on the show. It made me wonder if she was just a fantastic actress...or maybe it was because I was in a super good mood. But yeah, I hope she dies too and the annoying sister can bite it.

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