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I'm looking forward to this    hope it's good after the fuckin' debacle that is Better Call Saul!    not that BCS is bad but it's so slow and the big pause has  probably alientated

Thought El Camino was okay, but seemed more like an opportunity to squeeze a little more money out of the serious than anything necessary. Cool we get a sort of conclusion to the story line and clear

I just watched it and I liked it

Posted Images

Yeah, it seems like they ran out of ideas for this episode

Ever since those Mexican brohemoths died, this season has slowed down immensely


The show isn't all about shootouts and vendettas.

I liked tonight's episode.

That lifestyle would wear on someone hard, considering the fact that the characters went from being somewhat normal people to becoming murderers and everything that comes along with the big time drug trade.

Not to mention the toll it has taken on their families.

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wow. You all fail at the art of cinema. definitely.


One of the reasons Breaking Bad is such a great show is because of the way they use different means to create dramatic effect. Sure, it's not the gun-toting, action-filled type of episode that you are used to, so you all say it sucked.

There are many ways to build tension in a scene. In this case, they chose to use the enclosed underground lab for the entire episode, with the same two characters. We as viewers feel tense because there's no progression whatsoever. Unsettled with the lack of action -- much like Walt is annoyed by the fly throughout the entire episode. The creators of the show have successfully created a sense of unrest within us to the point that when at the end of the episode Jesse finally gets the fly, we feel gratified in some way.And yet, it's anticlimactic because by that point Walt's out cold, which leaves us still with some sense of unrest...


The writers are brilliant, imo. Shame that it went over your heads...

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i understand the show is deeper than gunfights and mexican druglords and oneliners with dudes putting on there sunglasses after they drop some cheesey comment followed immediately by "yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh....." but his episode sucked balls. seriously, a FLY?!?! and they kept teasing you with the thought that walt might drop it on jesse about seeing his girl O.D.. lame. its like when a sitcom would run outta shit to do so they would have a "flashback" epissode with everyone stuck in like a broken elevator talking about "that one time...." and at the end the elevator would start working and they would all have learned something and feel better from the experience . LAME

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I see what you mean about it feeling like reruns or a flashback.


And I maintain, this episode was more about what didn't happen, and what almost happened, than what was actually happening. The writers created/conveyed a new feeling of being trapped and of futility (now that everything has gone to shit with both of their lives). They toyed with our anticipation by making us wonder if Walt was going to spill the beans, or if Jesse was really going to fall -- it wasn't just about them tracking back over the story of Jane for filler.


Think about it like using negative space in a painting to convey an image.

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Seriously, I can't imagine how nerve racking that life is. Even with all the safeguards they have in place, there can always be a random loose end that could get them nabbed or killed somewhere. That shit is wearing on his mind. Plus all the lying, cancer, brother in law getting shot, Jesse being a moron at times, hiding the fact that he pretty much killed Jesse's lady, etc...


I can't imagine how this guy keeps his mind in one piece. I'd be taking lots of Xanax if I were him.

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Agree the episode was slow, but I strongly agree with what LiliStCynical said. This episode wasn't as entertaining as some in previous weeks, but it was beautifully constructed.


I'm going to predict this episode was a bridge for the crazy shit that's going to happen next week. Hope so anyway.


Also the final scene of Walt looking at his smoke detector and having the fly sitting over the blinking red light was genius. One of the best closing scenes of the show so far.

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still thought it lacked. agree with the negative space thing, it might as well not have existed, besides pointing again to the fact that they are stressed. anyway, what was up with tonight's episode? i missed the 1st one im gonna have to wait til midnight for the encore...

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