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Ive been clean for a long time now..and when I stopped doing everything..i didnt change much. I was just a liar, cheat, and an asshole theif who didnt use drugs anymore. For me, I had to do alot more then just get sober to feel better.


But for real..cleaning up is good shit. Keep it up meng.

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15mg adderal daily allows me to function.

alcohol sucks when used in large quantities, and makes people annoying and sentimental.

pot is rationed as a sleep aid, a reward for productivity, and for emergency stress relief only.

ecstasy about once every 3 or 4 months keeps my worldview optimistic, as it should be.

all opiates make me puke ferociously and therefore suck major ass.

got what i wanted out of shrooms, mesc, acid & K, and have no desire to push it further.

benzos as a "plan B" sleep aid only.

coke is for shallow bitches with puny brains who hate themselves.

everything else is pretty much a no-no.

i respect sobriety.

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tried to read +om's post but the yellow text make my head go (insert tooth scraping noise)...


sober is really an umbrella term to me alot of times.. even though I'm way past drunk at the moment and should not be near 12oz.. its times like this where i can reflect on state of being in general

things like solitude solicit an unclear point of view akin to being drunk or high on thc..focus becomes much more than what you are saying... it is more or less the meaning behind what is said and the effort... and since this being a text driven thing here it leaves room for second guessing and more so..


applied to irl situations it is the same minus eye contact and split second cover ups through verbal dialog ..




this makes me wonder if we are truly ever sober.... meaning in a total correct state of mind without internal and external stimulation







as we ingest so much daily are we really sober and in our right mind....from sitting on the computer chair to opening the web browser.. is it the same as popping a pill or twisting the cap off of a bottle of booze?


who knows .. but i would say props to you for asking a question that most would not dare unless they take a good look at themselves










/elis von 666 666 7777... back then they didnt know me now i'm hot they all want me...



this is also a jaded point of view ... so uhm if you dont mind i'm gonna pass out and let my dreams sort out the last three days of life into something that isnt a tottal "wtf? if i'd known it was that sorta party i woulda stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes."


journal entry 8658265082458246508465

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Guest spectr
I'm sitting on my couch with a gnar-dog hangover..Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I will second that... Man I shouldn't be allowed to drink that much E&J ever again... I woke up with 4 empty boxes of dominos in the living room I don't remember ordering last night..

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Today is my one week mark from the last time I ate Oxy or any type of pill.


I got almost all of my friends to quit doing it too.


Feeling great. Starting to get all of my Seretonin or whatever shit back.


Still smoke weed daily, that will never change.

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