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the "wild sex in GKae's basement" post...

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I noticed that there has been a recent post in wich many people made fun of the poster for "using" Gkay's name or something of the like.. but... if you will notice...


<img src=http://www.terra.es/personal6/cleang4/bp16.jpg>

the tag on the wood paneling is "GKAE ONE" except that it is inverted.




<img src=http://www.terra.es/personal6/cleang4/bp6.jpg>


<img src=http://www.terra.es/personal6/cleang4/bp9.jpg>


both of those clearly show a GKAE tag.


I feel that the original post WAS valid, and does have content of interest to the visitors of this site. Thank you for your time.

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i noticed that in the first post. people did not seem to see the gkae tags. and what nice tags they are.

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