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The Albums you MUST have Superthread

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Respected by the underground for his production skills and lauded by the press for his star potential, Goldie's album debut proved he was no fluke on either count. But from the first few minutes of Timeless, new listeners might wonder what's so different about jungle and its first superstar. The sweeping synths and lilting female vocals that form the intro to the title-track opener could be taken from any above-average house anthem. All questions are answered, however, once the beat kicks in. Manic, echoey percussion rolls around and through the song while a muscular dub bassline pounds additional sonic territory. The beat fades in and out, appearing and re-appearing with all the stealth of a charging rhino. The seven other tracks are just as uncompromising, even adopting a hip-hop beat for the R&B flavor of "State of Mind." Though jungle might be jarring for first-time listeners unused to mid-tempo melodies functioning as a bed for hyperspeed beats, Timeless makes it a much smoother ride. (AllMusic)

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Fuck snoop dogg, this guy does the who weed smokin, hoe pimpin, henny sippin mack shit 10 times better. Dude's flow is the best I've ever heard. Plus the production on this is 5 star. The beats slam so hard, everyone is like "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?" when I play it in the car. So underrated..



Only song that sucks is the one about gasoline. Classic.




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