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what would make you stop writing

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If I could face serious jail time on the next arrest, say I had kids or if it would horribly affect me and my partners relationship I would take a long break or quit, atleast from illegal art.


Taking breaks though could be for any variety of reasons.

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I went at it with OCD like obsession for 5 or 6 years. Then alcoholism honestly got the best of me and I didnt paint once for probably 3 years. I felt like in my little city I had done all I could do really, and I was just spinning my wheels at a certain point and I didn't really have anything to prove anymore, and at that point I felt kinda lost. Karma was catching up to me with a vengence, and kicking my ass all over the place for like years. And the substance abuse really got so bad that I was never sober ever except when I was at work. I was so drunk I didnt even care about anything, just drinking pretty much non stop. Then about 3 years ago I did a highway spot and been at it again more and more ever since. Im seriously too old for this shit tho, and Im foolish to be fucking with it again, but It's all I can think about sometimes. I don't know wtf is wrong with me, serious self destructive streak..lol.

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well. obviously dis 1 time when me & my boyfriend were out bombin,,dis 1 guy triedta kidnap him & i guess me even doe none of 'em[4rm what i know of] really noticed me cuz i was juss sittin down watchin da action happen so fast. so den my boyfriend grabbed me den dragged me away & we ran off. den he said dat we gotta get mace or whatever. so yeah. & i guess we don't have da money 4 dat. but hopefully someday we'll go out bombin again. i really miss it. but pretty soon,,whenever i can,,i'll probly go hit some places up. hopefully i'll get dat big marker & take it w/me. so yeah. der's MY StORY dat stopped me 4rm bombin. grrrrr >:((

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i dont know... if i had a kid, i might stop for his/her sake because im not tryin to get bagged and not be there for my kid feel me


I feel you, man I've shaken off girlfriends for graff. But I'm trying to put graff on the side for my senior year so I can get into a decent college and not catch any cases but I'll probably roll back into it during the summer.

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