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Midevel Art theory And The Art Of Raisins

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Color matching 101:

Get it right so your fellow oontzers don't need to rebuff the noobtard out of your buff.


Terms used here:


Color wheel: that circle thing with the rainbow on it, I know its a

rainbow but using it will not turn you any gayer than you all ready are.

Shade bar: That bar next to the color wheel with white on top and black on the bottom


First: Take the x in the center of the color wheel and drag it all the way to the middle of the far right at 3 o'clock.


For the white in the logo drag the shade bar ALL THE WAY to the top

For the black in the logo drag the shade bar ALL THE WAY to the bottom

For the red in the logo drag the bar to the middle, if you're doing it right it should be right next to the x on the color wheel.

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i remember when TATS "remixed" that hand of doom car at this graff jam 10 or so years back. that thing is such a classic.


also, the 12 aint lookin so nice at the moment. i did what i could, but my ink reserves have run out here at work.

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This is the DB thread. If this doesn't work, I'm probably done.



The 12 is trashed. We shall not yield...






let the thread in ch0 die

from this point on discuss in here

be careful who you give the heads up to this section


we obviously have spies ... again



edit- also refer to it as 'db' or dr@wb@ll or some shit like that so this thread wont be easy to find using searches

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