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Midevel Art theory And The Art Of Raisins

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T;6205958']the OZ looks crisp but the red around it looks weak. Anyone want to design a new design around the 12 that we can incorporate like maybe a large OZPROPHET.COM next to the 12 pretty big.




i think just a 12 is better. i liked that the [H] wasn't obvious as to who was running it.

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the ounce already says bongs. New project? Somewhere away from the one two? The car was a bit close and the haters don't have much challenge finding it. I went and registered for the "fans" forum and apparantly hating is just the way it goes but maybe a pm'd project could survive to be protected. Do collaborations get protected or is it just solo art? If collaborations, who gets the unlimited ink?

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no offense to whoever's idea it was, but the "ozprophet" idea is lookin like shit.


i think we should just stick with a plain old 12.


I am at 100 if anyone thinks i should eliminate that just let me know.

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on some taking it way too seriously shit:


we have already established our presence, theres no reason to ugly it up or get over ambitious with the logo.


we should just maintain the one two and think of a cool new project like the wc.


i think most people have already grown bored of this, but some of us use it to pass the boredom,

and i think only those are the ones still left. we are better than this whole "adding the ozprophet" to it shit

i mean that shit looks really bad.


lets think of a cool new idea.

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man i got booted from the fan forums before I even got to log on.. fuck those kids.. But yeah I am down with another project somewhere else...


Re-try making the account and PM me the account name and email you are trying to use to create the account there. I will make sure it gets approved.

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