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Hey ayebee since you got a lot of times on your hands

Guest spectr

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Yo, you muthafuckas all need to either get my $200 (plus the cost of burgers) up or SHUT THE FUCK UP. This shit is now aggravating as a muthafucka


And before I read one more fuckin retarded ass "$200?! When did it become $200?!" post, go read the original thread. That became my price within like the first 2 pages


Even worse then that, if I read one more "Stop makin excuses!" post I'm gunna fuckin kill myself. No excuses, I just want my dough. $200....FUCK YOU, PAY ME


What else will you muthafuckas follow with next? Hmmmm...oh yeah, "If you can do it then just take the $100". Fuck that and fuck you....I can eat the burgers, but I could also easily break my own toe and I aint doin that for a mere $100 either


And if this shit is so easy that everyone in the world could do it and I should just hurry up and do it for half the money I wanted, THEN SOMEONE ELSE FUCKIN DO IT


ABizzle/end rant

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Guest spectr
I don't feel like backtracking through page after page, but how will this feat be proven?


I was going to have one of my friends there to watch it and take flicks of to prove it since he isn't all that far from ayebee since I am putting up the cash..

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Guest spectr

oh shit deloner.. and eatso said he was down.. so which one of you is it going to be... think of the fame you will get for helping to make the ayebee epic fail thread....

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