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hahaha... man.. you have no clue who you're talking to.


my man has definitely put in work in major cities, long before you even picked up a can of paint.


and if you're saying "fuck flares", why do you keep posting in here? quit running your fucking yap, go do your weak ass tags in your weak ass spots.

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talk is cheap, what does "your" boy write.....



i say u too shook to say!



those are weak ass tags, wouldnt even get noticed where im from!



come on now man, it's not my place to put him on blast like that. if he wants to let you know, he'll let you know. he already told you a flick of one of his tags was posted on here.


i'm through bickering with you, not worth my fucking time.


someone post some flicks.

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Dkisser or Edisor or whatever probably started painting a couple of weeks ago.

I'm guessing you thought your clearly beginner style shit was a flare till you were told otherwise.

Now you keep posting your toy style shit ruining what could be an epic thread because your feelings got hurt.

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are you fucking for real?


1. you can't read any of the tags on this thread? are you blind?


2. you're gonna cross out anything resembling the tags on this thread?



if you're gonna go around crossing shit out, just because it looks like something you saw on the internet, i'm gonna go ahead and guess that by the end of the week, someone will have beat the shit out of you.


you're a funny motherfucker.

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Posts: 2,331=looooooooooooooooser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



alright man you're getting a little old here,

you posted your stuff and got made fun of

now you're all butt hurt about it so you post more

you talk shit and put on this huge e-thug persona



shits tired man, bottom line those are not flares

your hands are wack and you need to stop

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