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Cult Movies

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I've been getting more into cult movies lately, and I'm sure a few of you know more about them than I. There is an older thread about this, but it hasn't been touched in about 5 years, so I figure this is safe. Plus, this one has pics...


These are some which I've recently seen, feel free to post recommendations. I realize there is a movie recommendation thread as well, but I'd rather have one which cuts to the chase instead of having to pick through movies I see commercials for anyway.




Not really that much of a cult movie, but still...





The list goes on, but you get the idea. I'd appreciate any input/recommendations.

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It all depends on what you call cult. You could argue that Star Wars is the biggest cult movie of all time because it has a cult following of millions of people/geeks. They even travel to Tunisia to where Luke's home location was filmed. I've seen them dressed in robes, rubbing walls and crying etc.


Also, Casablanca could be cult as well as it's such an old movie that still has such a great following and fan base.


But I'd assume you're more talking about stuff like Clockwork Orange, The Man Who Fell To Earth and so on, yeah?


My fav cult movie would have to be Pink Floyd The Wall and Dr. Strangelove.. Charlie Wilson's War will eventually become one for me as well.

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pretty much any work by Teruo Ishii is considered to be a classic cult movie





















also if anybody has this movie on their computer it'd be an awesome thing if you could put it into a torrent or megaupload it

Electric Dragon 80.000 V




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i dunno if these are "cult" but i think they are

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction

Dead Alive

army of darkness

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haha olse beat me to it......




you cant get more cult classic than a dude with a mullet and wings swinging around a sword

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blue velvet...wild at heart ..jawbreaker..twin peaks ..15 seconds..boondock saints...donnie darko...pink flamingos lol !!!!!!!!!!!

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I think I might make a trip to the video place today. Brazil looks like a trip.

no lie that movie saved my ass royally


after i ran away from this lockdown boarding school that got shut down by the stae later on for human rights violations i was living with my estranged dad because the school convinced my mom it was best to let me live on the streets. so i was on thin ice big time with him.



so im hangin out at my boys crib and hes having a litte get together. he sold mushrooms and weed at the time, and we were all getting down about to trip. it was like 99 or some shit, and the unedited diirectors cut double vhs had just dropped so me and my boy were like lets go rent it before this shit kicks in.


long story short, just as we get back with the movie we pull into the drveway to find 5 cop cars surrounding the house. we pulled away before they realized , but within the 15 minutes it took to rent that movie everyone got lined up ad rrested, and my boy got his moms house raided. we were the only ones to gt away, thanks to terry gilliams masterpiece.



also see time bandits

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Wes Cravens 1st Horror Movie "The Last House on the Left"






John Carpenters contributions









Tobe Hoopers contributions






International Cult Movie






okay enough for now and i dont know if all of you would consider every single one a cult movie altough, i believe i do...

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