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i dont know what you all do, but im sure youve called in to a business and had to talk to a secretary sometime or another...


so anyways, i hate when you ask for someone, and they ask you a million fucking questions about who you are, what youre calling about, etc etc etc...


i also hate how you ask for the person, they say oh sure ill transfer you to them, and send you to the person's god damn voice mail without telling you the person's not available etc...


shit annoys the fuck out of me.

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First of all lol to beershits im gonna use that one...



Second I do that shit to people all fuckin day. FUCK YOU TEASE FOR COLD CALLING MY PLACE WE DONT WANT OR NEED YOUR SHIT HOE!!!! GET A BETTER JOB WHERE THEY MAKE YOU ACTUALLY GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE TO SELL SHIT! We dont have secretaries here we are on dedicated accounts so we all have to answer the front phone...


Thirdly fuck the types of companies calling up to ask if they can sell me the type of shit that we sell. MUH FUCKAH DID YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION WE DO THE SAME SHIT AS YOU JUST IN BIGGER ###'s WE ARE MO' BETTA SO GTFO!

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i propose a thread hijacking.


new topic- pictures of hot secretaries





^ (im not sure how she is a secretary but it came up on the search so she must be on vacation or some shit)











^wtf a dick pizza lol nh

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my secretary is a really nice lady, actually the both of them are. Except Yvemonne makes a lot of typos and gets mad when I have to tell her I need them corrected.

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