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how you livin??  

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  1. 1. how you livin??

    • Live with the folks
    • Live with retarded roomates
    • Drink by myself, smoke by myself, livin by myself
    • ballin outta control son, got me my own crib with a driveway an everythin shiiiiiett
    • couch to couch
    • live with my bitch
    • other/boogie hands/jail/doorsteps and alleyways

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I lived by myself for 6 years, then just moved into my first house with a roomate, and it works out pretty well as long as you have a big enough house. He works crazy hours and i work out the house, so we hardly ever see each other, but if we didnt have a pretty big house I probably would have killed him in his sleep by now

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my housing situation right now,

well my parents made it offical yesterday

that they're splitting up.. and both of them

keep on telling me their side of the story

and trying to get me involved with all of it..

but its kinda messed up to say i guess

but i really dont care anymore.. ive heard for

the longest they're both gonna move out and blah blah blah...

so its whatever i dont care.. im gonna go live wit my aunt and my ma

for now and my ma is talkin bout getting a new apartment sooo

right now im not sure whats gonna happen or if im gonna go back to

school this upcoming friday once i get off suspension...

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my housing situation is that since my marriage broke up i have nowhere to live, so have to crash at my mum's which is probably the shittest thing ever as just makes me want to kill myself. I spend my weekends at my exs house so I can chill with my son but that is just as shit as its like having everything i have lost rubbed in my face. Just can't afford my own place so gonna sit in this hole and be fucked.


sometimes i wish there was a god so the fucker could strike me down

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Tails - that sucks. finish school. leach of parents as long as possible.


EarMuffs - BUY NOW! Shit is cheap..as Drue Down mentioned.


Me - 3 bedroom condo with the Mrs. Mortgage is somewhere around 2000 a month.

So I can't say I'm balling - but it beats rent. I've done the renting thing for years- room mates /noroomtes. I think I liked living alone best. My erly twenties though with roomates was fun as fuck.

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So me and my boys just copped a townhouse with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and 2 living rooms for $1,250 a month


As I mentioned on the previous page I haven't been living at my own apartment cuz its not an eligible residence for house arrest due to one of my roomates having a record too, but now that were moving into a new spot I'm gunna leave him off the list of people living there. HOPEFULLY everything works out and I'll move into the new spot on the 1st with them, cuz if I don't get out of my sisters crib soon I'm gunna go fuckin insane

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Tails - that sucks. finish school. leach of parents as long as possible.



like im just real apathetic about

the situation and everything else goin on

i dont really care about shit right now

plus the money situation aint all that great

so there wont be much leaching off them for a while...

damnit june 1st cant come any sooner...

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living in a dorm sucks, but at least theres dumb, drunk girls everywhere.


living in a dorm isn't that bad. it can or cannot be more expensive than an apartment. but if you live around cool kids, it is a good time. plus it's really easy to meet people. and if youre single there are many dumb drunk girls as stated.

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