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thingz black peoplez likez


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Re: things black people like


Not so much.


Here in Ohio we have a few groups of black Harley riders.


Then again...it is Ohio.



brothers of the sun is prolly the largest black mc... i said a little about it in the first page but edited it...


havnt talked to my uncle in a minute save to snitch on my cousin for having a myspace.. but as of late they remain pretty much neutral from where i'm from.. i just hated the


" hey go to barstow and drop this off then go to palm springs and pick this up"

"dont complain this is how your get your parts"


illinois has a chapter also but they are not that connected as tightly to western chapters

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Re: things black people like


Over here black refugees from like somalia and ethiopia like to make people beleive they're actually african-american exept all their fubu and dada is knock-off and they dont really pull off the accents because their only just learning english...The white hood girls seem to love it though and are pretty convinced their dating an african american, so everyone wins.

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Re: things black people like


Moogle may be the only black man I've heard since 1991 to confess a fondness for Christian Death and Alien Sex Fiend.


I love alien sex fiend

then again i'm not a black man


Black people like putting on plays

watching plays

turning plays into movies

acting in plays


Black people like telling white people they're wrong when white people try to tell them they're white washed when referring to their fondness for rock music and wearing small leather jackets with matching perforated leather headbands and futuristic vision goggles


Black people like trying to get me to go to church


Black people like using google reader for rss feeds


Black people say hey i'm hungry I hope there's still cupcakes upstairs

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