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thingz black peoplez likez


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bad/cheap tattoos

laughing at white people


tall t's

fat asses

red kool aid

buying shit we cant afford

pit bulls

new Jordan's




Coogi and tall ts WTF this ain't 2000 anymore.


Fat blvk guys like fat white girls the end.

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these all have probably been said but oh well. im not going through 26 pages just to see.


screwed up songs


apple bottom jeans

cocoa butter lotion

and of course fried chicken and watermelons



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scalping tickets outside of games ("ay y'all got tickets"?)


selling t-shirts outside of any event


now & laters (nowlatas)


kool-aid in the powder form


fried chicken


hot sauce


overweight unattractive white women


hot cheetos


large bottles of cocoa butter


madden football


walking slow across the street


clowning/snapping/roasting yo momma, yo clothes, yo face, yo hair, yo breath

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regardless of race, i dont know anyone that doesnt like fried chicken or watermelon


both of those things are fucking good & everyone likes them in general




you motherfuckers act like we are the only people that eat this shit.


the Japanese love watermelon yet no one ever goes on about their love for this awesome fruit.


fucking lames trying to perpetuate the black underclass.

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Not doing their work @ work while being half-assed, lazy, cutting-up talking txting, and always trying to get the white co-workers to pick-up their slack.


I deal with this daily.


My friend moved to a new city so he didn't have to work for himself plus 3 other blacks that dicked around all day.


Like their thought process is all:haha let's let whiteboy do all the work. Yea.


The company fell off when he left for a white-town; shocker.


Now those 3 black "men" probably got to deal w/ black people problems. They're all more than likely using EBT.......which hard working white-folk like myself have to foot the bill via taxes. You're Welcome; enjoy your gas-station diet. It will only accelerate your genetic sickle-cell.

Fucking nigz.

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