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groyn shmoyn

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you guys have some whack local strip joints. my spot has no cover EVER, fine ass girls, a bangin 3$ cheeseburger with fries, 6$ patron shots, and cheap ass beer. the only thing it lacks is pool tables, which really sucks, but i guess you cant have your cake and eat it too.


I won't go to a bar that doesn't have at least one pool table.

It kinda defeats the whole purpose of going to a bar to begin with.


Might as well just invite a few freinds over and drink at the crib for a tenth of what I would spend at a bar.

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i go to bars for beer.


and possibly karaoke.




































































































Nigga said....











































































KARAOKE!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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what if strip clubs had pool tables too? that would make them worth going to. and regular arcades.


dave n busters but not gay and with naked broads. i'd go.

only one strip club in my town doesn't have pool tables. one even has the buck hunter arcade game, which is awesome.

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I went to a strip club once because my friend had V.I.P access (which only means free entry for super perverts who go frequently)


Cut a long story short the girl came out to do her show, she looked 12 was super skinny and had braces....I could just picture her lying on her application about her age and her devistated parents. I left.


Needless to say no more strip clubs followed.

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Stripper heels are an under appreciated invention


So many bad tattoos tho

What's the deal w the butterflies and stars on the hip thigh area

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