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Head for a head or gladiator scorpions?

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Ohhh, shit!


Saudi Arabia needs stronger knife control laws!


Toddler beheaded in supermarket



March 4, 2008 - 1:51PM



A man reportedly held a knife to the throat of his 15-month-old nephew and decapitated him in front of his mother in a Saudi Arabian supermarket.


The 25-year-old Syrian man beheaded the toddler apparently after having a dispute with the toddler's parents, his sister and brother-in-law, Arab News reported.


Another newspaper, the Saudi Gazette, reported that the toddler was 18 months old.


The killing happened in front of shoppers and staff in the fruit and vegetable section of the Al-Marhaba supermarket yesterday morning.


A police officer told Arab News: "The murderer was in a dispute with the boy's mother and her husband. He chopped off the boy's head in front of the mother to get back at her."


Another witness, Abu Muhammad, who is in his mid-60s, told the paper: "It happened so quickly. Before people could intervene, the man had cut more than half way through the child's neck."


Another local expressed his disbelief that anyone could carry out such an act.


"No one could bear the gruesome sight of the boy's decapitated body lying on the floor," Muneer, a car mechanic, told Arab News.


"How could someone do such a thing?


"I just can't understand it ... I still can't believe it."


One shopper, Ahmed Abdul-Rahman, told the Saudi Gazette: "I was shopping when I heard a scream and saw people running toward the shop's pastry corner.


"When I arrived there, I couldn't believe what I saw.


"A headless body of a child lay on the floor and the head was lying nearby soaked in blood."


The man was arrested at the supermarket, reports AFP. Murder is punishable by death in the Islamic country, and the sentence is usually carried out by beheading.






That's some pretty brutal shit right there. I'd rather see some kind of gladiator battle arena re-instituted for stuff like this. Maybe he could go up against a puppy tossing marine or Omar the snowball victim. Even better, feed some of THESE scorpions up with steroids and give the dude the knife he cut the kids head off with.


Of course, they could also be forced be altar boys for Catholic priests, attend all of Hillary Clinton's political rallies or forced to stand on a box holding two live wires wearing a funky black hood. The possibilities are limitless...



How do you think arseholes like this should be dealt with?



Make sure you check this link, it's got some great ideas! http://www.gladiatorbugs.com/

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If I was there I would have wressled the knife from him and cut HIS fucking head off.


Or died trying.


Holly shit. That kid was almost my sons age.

My head feels like it's going to explode.

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That's really fucked up. I think the way it's normally punished is good enough. Beheading.




Dawood had better get in here.

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