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tell that to richard dawkins.




people treat it just the same.



people who "believe" in science usually have as little understanding of it as most people who "believe" in whatever religion they do.



Harpo- you are correct that that is the assumption that science works under. But that assumption entails many other assumptions.



Any scientific theory says that such and such objects exist and that they must act in certain ways. This is as much as what you said.


However, a simple introspection onto what this means in time for theories of science shows that no theory in science can ever be correct.


Phlogiston used to be beleived in, etc.


Theories are only as good in as much as they can accurately predict, but no where in there do they assure that the objects they speak of exist. Experimentation by indirect causal relations does nothing more than confirm that something is doing something. It does not put to rest the question of whether the entities presupposed by the technology do in fact exist.



It is as this point that it is like a religion. If you take science in a pragmatic sense, then no, it is not a religion, it is a tool. But if you take it to be that any contemporary theory of science is in fact the way the world is, then you are no better who attributes the states of the world to an omnipotent being.


Science gives us technology and religion gives us complacency. Only difference beyond the obvious.



At any rate, this thread is about death. Not science and its relation to religion, I have another thread for that.

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Religious views don't directly intertwine with people's views of death and the afterlife? And in the event of one's non-belief in religion, which offers an explanation of post death experience, wouldn't science and its being at odds with religion have an impact on one's views of death?

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Yes, I agree they are fundamentally related.



I was talking about the status of the one to the other. I am not trying to get people debating in here. I just wondered particularly about death.



So, arguments go in General Philosophy thread or Nature of the Creator... thread.


that was my only point

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honestly, there's been random moments in my life where I'm chillin, and then BAM! I get hit with this feeling of dread like "Im gonna die one day, and there ain't shit I can do" and what scares me is the uncertaintly... beyond even whether or not there is a heaven or hell, and if there is, which will I go to, where will my loved ones go... It's fucked...

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Death gets a big shrug from me. I know it's coming, don't know when. I try to assume that I don't have much time left on this earth, to stay motivated. I think many people shrink away from the idea of mortality, hiding behind a belief that they will live to at least 100, which reassures them they have plenty of time. Then they're not ready when the sickle drops. I try to always be ready by cramming in whatever living I can while I'm still breathing. I don't always succeed or stay productive but I think it's better than having my head in the sand.

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i do not fear death. i would like to believe that the way you die is a direct reflection of the way you live. that would be fitting for some people.

i feel that when its your time to go. you're going.

my mother used to work as a nurse and she has told me some crazy stories about peoples will to live. for instance.

a philipino boy got in a car wreck and was severely damaged. he should have died very quickly. he just barely stayed alive long enough for his father to fly from the philipines to the hospital. the father held the boy, kissed his forehead, and told him he loved him and goodbye in philipino. the kid died almost instantaneously.

crazy shit.

thats why i would like to believe there is something more.

i also love the whole reincarnation thing.

i hope im reincarnated as a female bicycle seat. haha...name that movie.


i have died two times.

third time is a charm.

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i've always thought of it as similar to the moment when you wake up directly out of a dream..


the space right between dream time and awake is as beautiful as it is terrifying like.....


mm now i remember why i dont post in these threads ...


/incoherent ramble oner

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