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Does anyone know where I can cop some dicks to suck?

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after he takes care of the witnesses with his bench made, he will demoniacally rip their dead throats open with his char black Satan penis. then he will wickedly hail a cab from the underworld and take it to the slums of uptown reno where he will viciously swipe his swift credit card for big gulp and maverick cigarillos. he then returns to his screaming banshee mother and her good for nothing warlock guido assfucker and maniacally masturbate to girls gone wild commercials. for serious guys, ive been almost brutally e-murdered by this ravenous hell spawn before, long ago, when I was buying tribal gear off bombing science in the eighth grade. i saw my entire profile flash before my eyes.

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Re: Does anyone know the site where I can cop these shirts...


you feel like punching me in the face? bring it on you faggot. I know multiple fighting styles, and I also carry a switchblade with me at all times. Something fucking tells me that you'd be better off keeping your arms down at your sides. If you can't fucking put "cause" and "effect" together in that pathetic brain of yours, I'll help you out here. You'll be standing face to face with me, and let me fucking tell you, it'll already be too fucking late to back down at that point. You might decide "well shit, I might as well stay true to my word and throw a fucking punch". This is where you will go wrong. I hope you don't have a job that requires two fucking hands, because you're going to be missing one after I'm done with you. I'll casually divert your fist off to the side, as you suddenly realize you may have gotten yourself into something you can't back up. You'll try to regroup and pull your arm back, but that wont be easy when I jab my spear-pointed Benchmade switchblade straight through the bone in your forearm, and proceed to rip your entire fucking forearm and hand off in one quick pull. At this point, you'll probably spend 2 seconds in shock. I say 2 seconds, because thats the amount of time you'll have before I reverse the knife in my hand, and uppercut it straight through your throat. You'll spend your last few seconds gurgling blood, and wondering where you went wrong. After that, I'll be forced to take care of any witnesses who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing a few quick choke slams can't fix, followed by a nice gentle slice across the jugular with the Benchmade.

Now, motherfucker, you sure you want to go through with that punch?


whats bold is pure fucking goldddddddddd

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Seeking- I was wrong. I'm assuming it's someone from Chicago who made a backup account and is goofing around, so I've been eliminating people who I know are from Chicago.


Yes, my logic is impeccable at times.

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Re: Does anyone know the site where I can cop these shirts...


K for your information, asshole, I have seen a lion. And not one of your crap ass queen of the jungle homoerotic pussy-cat lions. A real lion, with fangs and horns and wings and shit. Don't pull your fucking wierd ass african voodoo hypnosis crap on me when you don't even know wtf you're talking about.


I really don't care about what you have to say, but voodoo is Jamaican not African. Get your religions straight homie.

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