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stencilrevolution.com down...

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As some of you have noticed, SR has gone down once again. Potentially, this change could be permanent...

For any former members/lurkers a new forum has been kindly set up by mr. onelegout of www.onelegout.com.

All stencilrevolution.com refugees should now go to the fully functional PHPBB3.0 forum, and SR Refugee Camp that onelegout set up at his site http://www.onelegout.com/forum. It can also be accessed from http://www.free-stencils.co.uk/forum

we will have complete control over the boards there and the oneleg's site as well as the phpbb3 code will be very speedy indeed.


pass this along to all of your fellow SR heads!

thanks & peace.

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just to let people who were member there and members/lurkers what's going on with SR...


i know i know.. i saw the thread that the other dude made...


embarrassing to say the least.

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