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What Kind Of Cell Phone Do You Have?

Tuff Tone

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  • 6 years later...

sorry to bump this thread, but my girlfriend just got a new cell phone today.


she traded in her iphone 5c for the LG G-flex seen here:




she went back to having a droid...so far she likes it and the bigger screen is easier for her to read without having to keep zooming in.


back in 2008, we got the same phone...a phone i still have to this day...lol..before the jokes start getting thrown my way, i have to say that im the type of person to get something new and take really good care of it and make it last a long time....this is how i have always been with everything from shoes to clothes to electronics to cars...basically "ride it till the wheels fall off"...for example, my last car had about 50 miles when i bought it and when i traded it in, it had over 300,000 miles on it.


anyways, since 2008 ive had this one phone (not a smartphone), and today we counted and she has gone through 9 different phones since we both bought the same phone in 2008...im really thinking of getting a new phone (not because i need it because my current 2008 phone looks exactly like the day i bought it and works perfect, but because i feel like i need a phone with apps and stuff in order to keep up with the times).


so just curious as to what phones you guys have....and what phone i should get....i have ghettro pcs and they dont have iphones though...but i was even thinking about switching providers to get something good...the samsung note 3 looks good, but if i stay with metro, im limited to the samsung mega or samsung s4 or samsung s5.


so, post your phone!


here's what i have (and had)...ive only had 3 phones in the past 12 years:


From November of 2002 to 2006:


sony ericsson t206




From 2006 to October 2008:


motorola 6255i:




From October 2008 to present (6/3/14):




^only paid $200 for it brand new and it doesn't have a single problem.

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Lolz, so funny to see all these old ass phones. Times sure have changed :P




This is the most recent phone I got. I bought it earlier this year only because my second cell phone ever broke for some reason. It just stopped charging. I refuse to get a smartphone with apps because I only like to be on the internetz on my computer. FIGHT THE POWER BR0!

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