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I listen to L almost every day.



Ya'll brothers like to stress them chicks

Impress them chicks

Spend money to dress them chicks

I sex them chicks and send 'em home

Corleone's known be stoned

When I bone, I'm rubbered up in case that chick full blown

The other night around eight PM

Pockets crazy slim jumped out the gray BM

Went to the ATM, took a thou out

Then later on I had to wyle out

In the club, knock some coward and his pal out

Then afterwards went to the restroom, piss Cristal out

Now I'm thinkin', which chick number I can dial out

Cus it's L the Harlem pimp baby, for real

I got more dimes than that Sprint lady

And that's ill

Player haters be givin me harsh looks

But I'm tryin to sell records like Garth Brooks

So eff 'em all when it's cold I throw the skelly on

Illegal chips keep my celly on

Mega ice is what I'm heavy on

If it ain't Cristal boo, I guess it's Perrignon

If the nana's too tight, I throw some jelly on

Don't try to test, watch the nine mill burst

I been off the scene over three years and cats' still thirst

They wanna hear L drop an ill verse

So all ya'll unsigned cats that wanna battle

Get a deal first

I sport the bullet-proof, fitted hat

Bad attitude you better get rid of that

Wherever you floss is where you gonna get it at


I stay strapped go to sleep with my steel

Makin figgas while you broke cats is keepin' it real

L is rap's most live cat, I'm gettin' stacks while you askin people

"Do you want fries with that?"



you just made cus I'm a young cat

pockets dumb fat

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im not the type to take sluts out, i just fuck they guts out

get my nuts out, then break the fuck out

me being a virgin, thats idiotic

cause if big l got the aids every cutie in the city got it

once a nigga tried to stick me for six g's

and i put more holes in his ass than swiss cheese

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i cook the mike like a beef steak

cause my techniques great

and im the nigga police hate in each state

cause im the neighbord hood lampa

punk brotha vampa fuck around

you find my silk boxers in ya mothers hamper

cops drop when my glock makes the pow sound

im from a wild town you know my style clown

so bow down


BIG L rest in peace

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Yo; you know the game plan

C-Town, that's my main man

We never bring luggage, we go shoppin when the plane lands

Still run with the same clan, used to be a Kane fan

("Mmm, mmm, mm..") Everything I rock is name brand

L'll make ya dame swallow

Your ice don't shine and your chain hollow

While you front in clubs for hours with the same bottle

Takin midget sips, I run with the richest clicks

Tap the thickest chicks, plus drop the slickest hits

You know nuttin about L, so don't doubt L

What's this motherfuckin rap game without L?

Yo, that's like jewels without ice

That's like china without rice

or the Holy Bible without Christ

or the Bulls without Mike

or crackheads without pipes

The Village without dykes

or hockey games without fights

Don't touch the mic if you unable to spit

Flamboyant is the label I'm with, motherfucker


damn, so many good lyrics

i want to post them all

for sure one of the best mc's of all time

to bad he had to pass


BIG L Rest In Peace


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I got more riches than you, fuck more bitches than you//

Only thing I havent got is more, stitches than you//

Fuckin punk, you aint a leader what? nobody follow-ed you//

You was never shit, your mother shoulda swallowed you


Im a money gitter also a hunny hitter-

You think you nice as me haha youse a funny nigga


The Tech is my utensil-

Fillin niggaz with so much lead they can use they dick for a pencil

Im known for snatchin purses, n bombin churches-

I get more pussy by accident than most niggaz get on purpose

I got drug spots from New York to Canada-

Cos Big L be fuckin with more keys than a Janitor


"I wasn't poor i was Po i coudln't afford the or"

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