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Bird flu is a lie? Oh snap.

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The case of “the impending pandemic of the Avian Flu” might as well have been a fictional mini-series made for television, but as usual, reality is stranger than fiction. It would be hard to make up a story as filled with greed and political corruption as this one.


Back in 2005, headlines warned the U.S. was facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated two million Americans succumbing to the bird flu; the best case scenario taking only 200,000 lives.


Photos of overflowing hospital wards from the 1918 flu epidemic heightened the fear factor to a fever pitch.


Well. A fool does in the end what the wise man does at the beginning, and this would certainly apply here. Reviewing the scientific facts is often a good place to start, but that did not happen in this case. Somehow they were able to translate the minuscule deaths that had occurred worldwide into somewhere between 200,000 to 2 million deaths from a virus that does NOT readily spread from birds to humans, nor between humans.


Most of the people who acquire the infection were, and still are, bird handlers in continuous contact with sick birds. How did anyone in their right mind envision similar circumstances in the United States? Research like this would typically be thrown in the trash if it did not strongly support some ulterior purpose.


What might that purpose have been?


Try greed.


At $100 per dose, the U.S. used taxpayer’s dollars to purchase some 20 million doses of the highly questionable Tamiflu, lining the pockets of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who was president of Gilead Sciences when they created the drug.


A Dangerous Cure for a Phony Danger


Interestingly, the use of Tamiflu, and the vaccinating of poultry may actually cause the H5N1virus to mutate into more dangerous and potent viral strains.


Since the purported “outbreak” of bird flu, the Tamiflu vaccine has also been linked to the deaths of 12 Japanese children, some of which suddenly jumped out of buildings. Neuropsychiatric incidents in children, including seizures, loss of consciousness, and delirium were linked to the vaccine.


Fools Rush In Where Fools Have Gone Before


In 1976 the U.S. acted out a very similar saga, devising a vaccine program for the impending swine-flu -- the avian flu threat of that time -- where they vaccinated 5 million people. The hastily contrived program for swine flu resulted in hundreds of Guillain Barre Syndrome paralysis victims and countless deaths for a flu pandemic that never materialized.


So, we’ve been here before.


Which is why countries such as Switzerland -- who have stockpiles of bird flu vaccine that they plan to test on soldiers, police officers and health care workers before deciding whether to offer it to all Swiss citizens -- really should take a good look at the history of what usually happens when you indiscriminately inject questionable vaccines into large groups of people for a disease that doesn’t pose any real threat.


I Was Right About the Bird Flu Hoax


I was so convinced this was a deceptive scam that I wrote an entire book on the subject; The Great Bird Flu Hoax. In it I explained how:


* Multi-national drug companies and food corporations pour billions into manipulating your perception of health and the daily news, just to increase their profits ... and the health threats (and ethics breaches) they are REALLY responsible for


* Scientists are bought by drug companies and other big business to report whatever "research findings" they have been purchased to report


* Government is more than just complicit – it works with the drug companies and other stalwarts of the conventional healthcare paradigm, and are directly responsible for raising false alarms in order to draw your attention AWAY from the real public health and safety issues they perpetuate


Preventing ALL Flu’s Without Vaccinations


I have not caught the flu in 20 years, and you can avoid it too, without getting vaccinated, by following these simple guidelines, which will keep your immune system in optimal working order so that you’re far less likely to acquire the infection to begin with.



Avoid Sugar. Sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately, and as you likely know, a strong immune system is key to fighting off viruses and other illness. Be aware that sugar is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.



Get Enough Rest. Just like it becomes harder for you to get your daily tasks done if you're tired, if your body is overly fatigued it will be harder for it to fight the flu. Be sure to check out my article Guide to a Good Night's Sleep for some great tips to help you get quality rest.



Don't Let Stress Become Overwhelming. We all face some stress everyday, but if stress becomes overwhelming then your body will be less able to fight off the flu and other illness.


If you feel that stress is taking a toll on your health, consider using an energy psychology tool such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is remarkably effective in relieving stress associated with all kinds of events, from work to family to trauma. You can check out my free, 25-page EFT manual for some guidelines on how to perform EFT.



Exercise. When you exercise, you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads. You can review my exercise guidelines for some great tips on how to get started.



Take a good source of omega-3 fats like Krill Oil. Increase your intake of healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in krill oil, which is crucial for maintaining health.



Wash Your Hands. Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don't use antibacterial soap for this -- antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good. Instead, identify a simple chemical-free soap that you can switch your family to.

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Bird flu is as real as it gets.


The actions by commercial interests are also as real as it gets.


First off, bird flu is real, a similar thing killed about 15 million people straight after the First World War. It was called the Spanish (bird) flu. What happens is that animals have different viruses, colds etc. than humans and sometimes, usually in developing countries or areas with less than developed animal handling methods (this means where people live in close proximity to the animals they keep and have low hygiene standards) this flu/cold/virus crosses over from the animals to the people. Sometimes, there is little effect, sometimes people get sick, sometimes people die. People have been dying from H5N1.


The big fear is that the virus will cross over from an animal and mutate in a human.., as viruses do. Then the virus can become transmitted by bodily fluids, like SARS and when you sneeze you can possibly infect the people around you. If it is a virulent strain..., like H5N1, you stand the chance of a fast killing flu, spreading quickly. Added to this is that you really cannot make an effective antidote for something that doesn't exist..., such as a transmissible mutated virus. So if it does happen, we've got to solve it on the run before it gets out of hand, like SARS almost did. It's a real threat.



What you guys, and the tool who penned the original article, are talking about is simple capitalization and money making from fear. You can say the same thing about Y2K, Terrorism, nuclear attack by the Ruskis int he 50's etc. All real and credible threats that never eventuated, but people still got rich from them! ;)

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I live in China. I chose not to discuss the origins and rapid spread of SARS due to a strong sense of self preservation.



yep. just keep your mouth shut about that stuff. wouldn't want to aid in someones death.

i know you can't talk about it, but i can...roving death vans, child murder, the organ harvesting factories.....china is messed up. get out while you can.

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Not to mention all the imported goods from china that are contaminated with

lead and other hazardous materials.


are they trying to kill us or what



check out your toothpaste label and see what it says about small children swallowing that shit....then check out your city water additives.

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Someone needs to extrapolate on this here


extrapolate is the wrong word here.




but the thing about anti-bacterial soap is that constant exposure of microbes to anti-bacterial products causes them to morph and become stronger.




this is why we have MRSA now.



We have made germs, and other things stronger because they are constantly exposed to the only things we have to kill them.


Sooo, the point about anti-bacterial soap should be to use it when necessary, dealing with raw meat, etc. Rather than just anytime one needs to wash their hands.

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Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, oversaw foreign policy while considering Third World population reduction "necessities" for the U.S., Britain, Germany, and other allies. This Bush nominee to direct the 9-11 conspiracy investigation, a reputed war criminal, then selected the option to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) develop biological weapons, according to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975. Among these biologicals were germs far deadlier than the SARS agent (thought to be a strain of coronavirus). Under Kissinger's watch as NSA, influenza and parainfluenza viruses were, for example, recombined with quick acting leukemia viruses (acute lymphocytic leukemia) to deliver a weapon that potentially spread cancer like the flu. (More on this later.) These incredible realities have been generally neglected, if not officially secreted.


Weapons selections like these continue to the present day not simply by radical terrorist groups, but also among a handful of military cartel industrialists that continue to sell weapons of mass destruction to those who can afford them.


These conflicts short of major wars like WWI and WWII, and war economy substitutes (such as the "War on AIDS," "War on Crime," "War on Drugs," "War on Terrorism," "War on Cancer," the environmental protection movement, and the "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative, all require sophisticated propaganda programs employing fear campaigns for social acceptance and popular support. These PSYOPS for command and control warfare (C2W), military and behavior experts correctly advise, best support a well-defined rapidly evolving "Revolution in Military Affairs" (RMA) which is synonymous to a the evolution into "a form of human slavery" in which the captives-the world's population, including you and your loved ones-would not perceive this enslavement.




damn you, al gore.

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"Vaccination programs in the late 19th and early 20th century decimated the populations of many countries where government sponsored vaccination programs were introduced. Japan suffered 48,000 deaths from smallpox vaccination; England and Wales experienced 45,800 smallpox deaths in a population that was 97% vaccinated against smallpox. Australia and Germany combined with a total of 120,000 deaths from the very smallpox for which they had been vaccinated. European deaths amongst the vaccinated portion of the population totaled 3,000,000. Deaths from smallpox vaccination programs began to decline when a revolt against mandatory vaccination programs emerged from the chaos.


The revolt started in England. In the late 19th century, England was jailing an average of 2000 parents a year for refusal to vaccinate themselves and their children. Property seizure and prosecution were commonplace for refusal to participate in vaccination programs. The battle was a political one. The people started to win when a number of leading scientists went public with the truth about these vaccination programs.


Doctor Edgar Crookshank Professor of Biology at Kings College led the charge against mandatory vaccination programs with his book "The history and Pathology of Vaccination." Other leading scientists of his generation soon jumped on the bandwagon.


They demonstrated the scientific poverty of the entire vaccination concept. The revolt was successful. Within twenty years mandatory smallpox vaccination laws in England were repealed. In 1919 the death rate from smallpox promptly plummeted to a total of 28 deaths in a population of almost 40,000,000 people. Previously, with mandatory vaccinations they had averaged over 44,000 deaths from smallpox. "

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Be aware that sugar is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice


fruit juice has sugar? what?


it's crazy how everyone gets caught up in the frenzy, hyped up from all sides media, political leaders, healthcare industry, etc. and then fast forward a couple years and more people probably died from chicken pox, peanut allergies or something.

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Someone needs to extrapolate on this here


anti-bacterial soaps destroy the bacteria on your hands and also seep into your skin,destroying the beneficial bacteria that make up the majority of your immune system.


this wouldn't be as big of a deal if people reintroduced healthy bacteria back into their systems by taking probiotics or eating unpasteurized sauerkraut/kimchi on a regular basis,but most people don't. eating your usual store brand sugar filled yogurt isn't good enough.

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whatever, ima be straight cuase ima get vaccinated!*










































*only an idiot would think this.

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Hummmmmm- and yet again......


International Society for Infectious Diseases <http://www.isid.org>


Date: Tue 5 May 2009

Source: The Poultry Site [edited] <http://www.thepoultrysite.com/poultrynews/17685/bird-flu-found-at-another-tennessee-farm>



Bird flu found at another Tennessee farm


Avian flu has been found at another poultry farm in Tennessee. It is a

low-pathogenic form, and the flu virus is the same as that found last week

[27 Apr 2009] at another farm in the state. Tennessee and federal

authorities are investigating a Lincoln County poultry farm after tests

found a strain of avian influenza virus, according to WATE [Channel 6 TV].


The Tennessee Agriculture Department said in a statement on 4 May 2009 that

the strain poses minimal risk to human health and is not the strain

associated with human and poultry outbreaks in other countries. Officials

said the strain can cause slight illness in poultry.


A preliminary test on 1 May 2009 indicated the possibility of avian flu on

the farm. Additional testing was completed by the US Department of

Agriculture. The farm provides breeding stock for poultry farms and none of

the poultry have entered the food supply. State officials told WATE this is

the same strain found on a poultry farm in Giles County last week [27 Apr

2009] but there is no apparent connection.



communicated by:

ProMED-mail rapporteur Mary Marshall


[How fascinating that the strain appears to be the same yet there seems to

be no connection. I wonder if there are personnel that are the same between

these 2 operations? Are there any birds that have been traded? Is there

access to any wild avians that could have passed the virus to these

facilities? - Mod.TG


The state of Tennessee in the Southern US can be located on the

HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map at <http://healthmap.org/r/00bP>. -



[see also:

Avian influenza (LPAI), poultry - USA (03): (TN) 20090505.1682 Avian influenza (LPAI), poultry - USA (02): (KY), H7N9 20090408.1361 Avian influenza (LPAI), poultry - USA (KY): H7 20090405.1314]







ProMED-mail makes every effort to verify the reports that are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the

information, and of any statements or opinions based

thereon, are not guaranteed. The reader assumes all risks in

using information posted or archived by ProMED-mail. ISID

and its associated service providers shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any damages incurred as a result of use or reliance upon posted or archived material.


Become a ProMED-mail Premium Subscriber at



Visit ProMED-mail's web site at <http://www.promedmail.org>.

Send all items for posting to: promed@promedmail.org

(NOT to an individual moderator). If you do not give your

full name and affiliation, it may not be posted. Send

commands to subscribe/unsubscribe, get archives, help,

etc. to: majordomo@promedmail.org. For assistance from a

human being send mail to: owner-promed@promedmail.org.



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