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Pizza Appreciation Thread


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Posted (edited)

I still have yet to find a buffet joint that makes good pizza. This is a Chinese Buffet and their attempt....






Oh, that weird 11:00 o clock slice was the slice of the pie stacked on that one. Stacking pizza no bueno.

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1 hour ago, nicklesndimes said:

oh wow that pie looks like broccoli!

Not sure how I feel about these green pizzas. I know they are probably good and good for you, but not something I would choose or make. But hey, what do I know, I do things to my pizza that would give @Deine Muddernightmares.

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I just imagine that you either have pieces of broccoli or other veggie falling off left and right, unless there's enough cheese underneath to anchor it.


One place I go does broccoli/sausage/olive, works well and got me more into broccoli as a topping.  Think it helps that they use smaller florets so they get a slight char/caramelization.

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A tweet was posted in the meme thread about this, I saw the sign today...




For those that never had it, it's just a Snack Pizza, won't fill you up. The sauce is different, tastes like a hint of ground beef and a very mild salsa to this...




Tastes ok, not all that amazing to be running out, like the Popeye chicken Sandwich.

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I often subscribe to a CSA in the summer which means I end up with lots of produce. One way to use it up in is in Focaccia and Pizza, they are good, no doubt, but if what you want in a pizza is Taco Bell or Little Caesar's they may not be for you.


CSA's can be hit or miss, not so sure about this years yet but they are overloading me with sweet potatoes which is a annoying.






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Some of you cats are on some wild shit….



Me and my lady made this tonight, corn meal crust, mozzarella, spicy sausage, olive and mushrooms. Sauce was Primal Kitchen - from

jar because today was a busy day. 


Shit smacked.


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