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Pizza Appreciation Thread


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If you didn't know ahead of time why did you watch all that??  I almost stopped but in the end was amused.



Have to admit that after the store didn't have my fav beer dough I briefly considered grabbing a frozen pizza for a later time but in the end said fuck it I'll make my own dough first.  

As a kid I remember people liked Elio's because it was like school lunch pizza but I was more into Red Baron or the stouffers french bread ones.  People fuck with the frozen pizzas now??  On rare occasion my girl buys one and I end up eating it because pizza.  Have to say it's really best for I'm drinking/having munchies, not going out, and I can crush this whole thin crust by myself easy.  Otherwise they serve no purpose compared to make your own or pizzeria.  True?

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I made some pizza from scratch last night.

Just thought you guys should know. I didn't take photos... We ate it too quicly.

However, I did discover why even with a cold rise dough (my preferred method) you do really truly have to let it come to room temp before tossing. Even if the gluten gets to a good spot, it still just doesn't cook right.

Could have been the dough mixture. For sure, but I think it was my fuck up in being hasty and not letting the dough rest properly. It was fucking delicious either way.

What do people use to cook their pizza in when doing from scratch? I try to match the round to the cast iron we have, and then dress it on parchment paper. It's easier to cook it on parchment in a properly heated cast iron, than trying to drop a round into a floured heated cast iron and dress the pizza there.

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I call my regular pizza joint last week and get a "we are closed" message with not further info, call again last night and get the automated "inbox full" message. Concerned face emoji.


Having reduced my take out frequency as of late I am trying to support places that I would like to be around so I ordered a calzone from a another local Italian joint that is not really a pizza joint but they have it.



Outside, a good juxtaposition of decent older signage and shit newer signage, so bad. 


Inside, classy old espresso machine, a liquor shelf that looks pretty much the same as it would have 20 years ago not flooded with all this new fangled  cinnamon whiskey or farm raised vodka. The real motivation for this picture was Mr Banned though as I know he is a big fan of Guy, whose photograph is featured with the family shots. Mr. Fieri is not looking so hot in the picture, maybe it is just the obesity and leather jacket indoors that was making him sweat.   


Reheat in the oven.


Second half.


Was solid, would do again, not as good as their lasagna which is really something special. 

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Admit I do enjoy a good calzone the way Costanza and Steinbrenner would.


For the record I don't 100% hate Fieri and occasionally watch DDD if I'm maybe killing some time or eating something worthwhile of my own.  As I touched on elsewhere, when I was younger a celebrity chef was known because they were a good chef, but they were also on tv teaching you how to be a good chef.  Now it's shtick and watch me stuff my face, so most of these celebrity chefs would not be missed if they disappeared IMO.


Don't want to derail, let me see if I can segway from triple D back to pizza......






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