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Pizza Appreciation Thread


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Had a Trader Giotti's, the Italian section on Trader Joe's for the unversed in TJ's nomenclature, pie today. Arugula and tomato, imported from Italy. Either they put some chemicals in it (I didn't read the ingredients), or the tomatoes, which I don't necessarily like or dislike on pizza, usually, threw me off, but it was really bad. Threw half into the compost bin.

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My job has its perks sometimes. I feel like I've gotten free pizza 3/4 days I've worked this week. Last night I was getting ready to order food and my coworker tells me a pizza delivery guy dropped off an entire meatlovers pizza free of charge. I asked her why and she said no reason...She's kinda stupid and I'm pretty sure it was for someone that didn't answer the door to pay for it. Anyway, she's muslim so she couldn't have any so it was all mine.

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tomato pie in the pizza thread?! whoooaaaa man.


@massgraff i didn't know you were anti-PH stuffed crust. stuffed crust gold (with cheddar on top) was GOAT.


i won't tolerate the TJ's trash-talk because they do have some solid offerings. and not expensive ones (sometimes).


EDIT: you can @ people?!?! insane. this is a crazy world

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