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Pizza Appreciation Thread


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word. the only thing that annoys me about those coupons is they dont let you use them on the spot.. always on some next time shit. obviously makes sense if youre running a business, especially if one is a loyal costumer, but damn.. coupon jerks getting over & shit


should get over on those fools like


without the pigs

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As we all know New York has the best pizza. When I travel for work I'm always forced to eat this shit that they call pizza but is basically just sandwich bread with tomato sauce slathered on top and warmed up under a heating lamp for ahhhhhhh yes. Read the sentence which I type. Take in the information, and begin to form your own opinion, even before I've made my point. Become defensive of the place in which you were raised/ currently reside. Present opinions and preferences as facts in order to win the argument. Become enraged that someone could see the world in a way different than yourself and become angrier still when said person refuses to accept your argument as correct. Become more and more frustrated. Focus on the task at hand. Let all other things sink to the back of your mind until they are gone forever. Let the last person to reply thread melt away from your consciousness until it is forgotten completely, allowing Lew Blum to post unchallenged. You have more important matters to attend to. Give in completely without any thoughts or cares. The last person to reply thread is unimportant. It has now left your mind entirely, and forever fuckin Ellio's or some shit that you get at 7-11! I mean come on, am I right or am I right?!?!?!?!?

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stouffers were alright..


We spent a few days with Dan in his hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland and Baltimore to explore where the self-proclaimed "King of Pizza" finds the perfect slice(s). After watching him consume pizza after pizza, we couldn't help but wonder, How is this dude not dead yet? Doctors have even given him a (fairly) clean bill of health, but to Dan, "We're all gonna die. I'm gonna die with pizza in my stomach."


Haven't watched this yet as 15 minutes is a stretch for viewing while at work but

dude has eaten pizza diet for the past 25 years..

hopefully im not blowing up anyone from this threads spot


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I come in to work to see the owners here having a meeting with a jewish man I've never seen before. They leave and I clock in to find some leftover pizza from their meeting. This is what was left...




At first I was like why the fuck would they order from this place? Then I remember the jewish man, maybe he ordered it or they got it to show him some respect. I had no idea such a pizza existed...







I must say it's pretty terrible. Granted this pizza was no longer fresh nor hot when I clocked in, but still. I say it's about neck and neck with Lil Caesars on the terrible pizza scale but free pizza is free pizza I guess


That pizza looks gross. Kosher pizza in America is so hit or miss. Basically, the clientele have to eat kosher. If its the only pizzeria in the neighborhood they manage to stay afloat on desperation not merit. In places with more Jews and a legacy of pizza like NYC this shit would never fly.

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^i ate at a pizza joint when i was in Israel a few years ago.


wont allow meat with dairy, so there was no pizzas with meat on them...only fish or veggies....so i got some pizza with just cheese and veggies...it wasnt bad, but wasnt great...but it was cheap so it did the trick.

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I don't know if anyone in Southern Cali has tried Blaze Pizza but they go pretty hard...


It's basically like Chipotle, except you build your own pizza. They have just about every topping imaginable including different cheeses and sauces to pick from. They use a real fire oven as well. It's owned and run by Arnold Schwarzenegger's son.





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