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Pizza Appreciation Thread


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On 4/14/2023 at 6:08 PM, One Man Banned said:

Guests coming, guess that's cool.

They're bringing pizza.  That's cool.


20 hours ago, LUGR said:

that’s really cool!


Guests arrived, pizza box in hand.  Cracked the box open and.........
























Wa, wa, waaaaaaa!  One of the worst pizza combos, made by a lesser pizza shop too.  Did not enjoy, did not crush.  

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haha for some reason that reminds me of the time i sat down and split an 1/8th of shrooms with a friend on a pizza at the mall right inside the restaurant(it was called villa pizza, they had good thin slice pizza) and ate it all right there.. tripped balls in the mall on like a saturday night, the place was packed. i was built different as a teenager man lol

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