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Kill Ugly Radio

hello brick slayers mods

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is there any particular reason why every east bay thread continually gets closed, but the people who get them closed aren't getting banned?


i've made sure that i've reported posts that had snitching and name dropping in them get reported. i've tried to report the people who do it and they don't get banned. buted instead you just close the east bay threads and let the people who snitch and drop info and/or names just go into different threads and do the same things.


i don't even know if brick slayers is even being moderated anymore except for the fact that threads keep getting closed...


i know this is the no graff forum, but there are some serious moderation issues going on in BS that aren't getting addressed.


i heard that ABC was the main moderator in BS, which sedoes seems weird cause we have mutual friends and from what I hear he's a cool dude.

anyway, i don't know if there are anyone in this forum who even goes through brickslayers, but if there are i'm sure they have some of the same problems...


that's all I got to say really...


this is a joint name, i didn't have an invite to make my own and make this thread, but basically i just wanted to know if therel is some reason that threads keep getting closed but the people who snitch and drop info are still around...



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i wrote this for km4rt... but it applies...


yo tuff tone. i get where you're coming from. but i've been on this site since 99 or so, and you're really not gonna fail me like i'm some dude who wasn't here when amaze was still making threads...


but i understand the is more of a bay area thing, i get that. now show me a thread that isn't getting moderated properly so this thread isn't just fail, instead of just being douchey and hopping on the fail bandwagon.


i just got back from painting... 6am is sleepy time

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because you all fucking suck firstly, secondly kids cant help but dry snitch and blow up spots, its more for safety of people who have been getting their flicks names and spots dropped by fucking herbs who cant handle themselves.


One bad apple ruined your bunch.

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those people do get banned, but eventually they come back. when the invite system was in place, it was easier to keep them (cake) out, but now it's more difficult.

dont think you're complaints are falling on deaf ears, just remember that we all have lives and more important business than sitting on here dealing with retards.


perhaps if you and your people handled these dudes in the street, instead of complaining about them on the internet, you would no longer have the problem.

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