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-sudz- is now black. bitch recognize.


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recipe for krink?


get a can of chrome.

get a icecream bucket.

spray whole can in icecreambucket.

put gladwrap ova top.

pop holes in gladwrap.

sit for a few hours (till pressure in paint goes)

peel off top layer of dryish paint.

pour all da chrome paint in to a flowpen (pump one)

add some plumweld.




Fuckin n00bs.



You have got to be fucking kidding me.:nope: :nope:

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Haha I used to talk to sudz everyday back in the day sharing sketches with him and what not. What was his friends name that wrote too I think he was on here also?


Where my nigga kOmega at damn.. Remember that sketch they did of him when soemone drew some of the members, he was like 2 feet tall with a huge ass blunt ROFL.


r.i.p. the good ol' days :p

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holy shit. seeking whats up!? i was going through my itunes the other day and #1 stunna came on and reminded me of this thing.

this thread is crazy as fuck.


it is, infact me. how do i get my old username back? haha its been so long i have no idea what the password for that shit is. hahaha. oh man, the cows.

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