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the 'New' IVO Super Thread(2)


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Guest melburnsyou

2 posts..no ones bagging ivo...whats going on....looks like ill have to start it back up



hey, i just burned you again. sweet

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Ha I gotta say this is amazing.

One of Aust biggest toys…. Biggest dogs……police informant and basically one of dickheads in Australia screaming fame fame fame like hes earning it.

Yeah man – gary glitter had fame too and all he did was sit at home molesting little boys…

Ivo nearly 30 and still has no idea.

3rd Ausssie writer to paint nyc – wow that’s a big claim to fame…..

how about these people.

Duel peril (1988) kasino atome(1990) shime dash(1993). These are just a few that painted nyc subways before 1996 you toy cunt.

Here here to all those who know the deal.

Yes ivo aka diagram you were a biter and a toy from the start and yes mate you still are.

Lets get wane cod on here to tell us a little about what he thought about you.

Lets get kasino and roske on here to tell everyone what he thinks about you..

Oh but that would be more fame right…

Chatty cunt.

Yeah keep keeping your toes warm by that heater at your table you toy cunt.

Hhhhaaaaaa what a sad cunt.


Massive props to Melbourne and Sydney writers.

Believe us its only ivo up here that’s as this disrespectful!!!

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Originally posted by melburnsyou

ivo, were are your fast-witted come backs mate? or have you decided that you lose:D



nah man... fucknut is shattered.


he'll scream and shout as loud as he wants but he's realising that the whole of australia and now the rest of the world....not only think hes a serious toy but a fucken chatty cunt on some other shit. - look around people burn his toy bitten shit with their eyes closed.


even his mates are laughing at him. thats how funny this shit is....


fucken chhatty cunt.


i was in phatstuff - the hip hop store in brissy the other day and you should have seen everyone laughing at him.... man i havn't seen anything as funny in years.!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest dephect

this thread


ivo this is your thread but uve fucked it up youself u used to handle ppl baggin u out but then u had this bullshit fame shit go to your head

i dont think ive seen MG ,escapeMELB come back to this thread for a while now, and they were the only two guys posting decent shit.

Seriously stop being a gay try hard and chill out, ull still have this "fame"of yours even if not your a smartarse dumb fuck



p.s. MG and escapeMELB get your arses back on this bored we need some friggin decent posts (nice update yesterday aswell escape)

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