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Originally posted by and now you choke

i hope you're not stabbing me in the back with that comment. no one paints circles around anyone. i hate the god damn graffiti writer attitude that X writer can "burn" Y writer. it's ALL A FUCKING OPINION. those letters are great, in YOUR opinion maybe. i absolutely hate ges's letters. but i CAN admire ges as a skilled craftsmen, as a good hearted person...or maybe just a cool guy who i don't know that well...i don't care. i do care about the fact that it's DAMN evident that he sends his own flicks out like a madman...whether it's to his friends who so happen to run magazines or not. i disgust the politics. once again, i am not dissing ges as a writer who is doing his own thing and doing it well, i'm dissing an ethic of his...a moral...

i'm not going to get into any further.


lol are they ur flicks, was it ur effort and time that went into putting in the work and mastering the style and technique...no it wasnt so why should u care what dude does with his flicks...u say u hate the politics but by implying that there is low moral in sending flicks to mags ur contradicting urself by taking part in the politics....there is no moral issues when it comes to sending flicks to mags...it is what it is...i dont see why peeps worry so much about the lifes of others...all i gotta say is do u....as far as ges goes dude rocks the aesthetics are point

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Guest upinsmoke

Being seen is the name of the game, right? In my opinion, magazines are just another way ges, and mad other writers get to have their work seen by peole that will never actually travel to where X writer may be from... It would be different if he didnt put in mad work... but thats not the case... Get up by ANY MEANS...

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fuckin rude. Ges has gotta be one of the best writers in the world at the moment. He's got soo much style, love his simples. So clean and crisp and loads of mad litte details that make it stand out. Fresh how it does a bit of everything. That italian commuter is fuckin fresh.


:king: :king: :king:

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