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Were Are Good Bombing Spots IN The Bay Area?


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what exactly did you expect to get from this? did you really think people were going to come in here and tell you where to bomb?

if you didn't see this coming from this dumbshit thread you made then you really should've just been put down at birth. fools like you shouldn't have access to computers.


get the fuck outta here. and take your hairy black balls with you.

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fuck u y dont u fuckin suck my hairy black balls u bitch


You're obviously very dumb and very immature. I'm assuming you're 15 years of age? Maybe 16 with a mental problem?


1. Typing the way that 14 year old mall rats text does not make you look cool. It makes you look like an immature kid. That doesn't really fly to well in this forum.

2. If you're going to call someone out, or attempt to say shit, make it legible and smart. Making yourself look like an idiot while trying to talk shit doesn't really make your side a winner.

3. Do you honestly think asking for places to paint over the internet is a smart idea? Even if there's rules on this thread, this should just be a no-brainer. There's a ton of cops on here, from all over the place. I would bet the first thing they search on here is the name of there locality. So lets say a cop from your area searched your locality and this thread came up with answers of where to paint: He would go sit there on the weekend and catch your ass when you show up. You just showed how ignorant and stupid you are.

4. Like above mentioned, there are rules to this thread; Not just rules the administrators have set but rules from the community. Certain things should not be mentioned. And this is definatley one of those that will either have you reported or have you flamed. Which I would hope you have noticed by now. Try to stick to these rules.

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