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Biggest threat to U.S

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Short term, I think America is the biggest threat to America. But I think that most candidates (especially now that it's really only down to three in the primaries) are aware of how damaging US foreign policy has been under Bush and they will move to rectify this.


Mid-term threat; Russia. The missile shield proposed for Europe is definately upsetting the balance of power in Europe and the Kremlin is feeling it. Putin has been making loud remarks about a new arms race emerging, it is yet to be seen if the crumbling Bear can keep up against the US in this field. Russia's influence has been sagging in the Central Asian states due to China's success in gaining access to the Caspian gas and oil supplies. This was one of Russia's trump cards against its former Soviet Allies in the region (i.e. Ukraine, Georgia, etc.) and Europe. As recently seen, Russia has been blackmailing particular states and regions with energy supply. With China now emerging as a large regional energy player, this Russian influence in this context is also sagging. But, Russia has been ramping up the stakes by sending Backfires and Bears into the edges of British, Japanese and American airspace. This is to mostly show that they are still active, have the capability to launch tactical strikes (or strategic if they choose to use nukes), they have the will to do it and at least they get to measure response times and procedures. This shows that in the mid-term, Russia is definately a threat to US security in Europe and the Pacific.


Long-term, Iran and China. Iran because it threatens US interests in the Middle East; namely Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. It's hard to see how Iran can affect the US homeland in any substantial way for at least a decade. China; mostly through the economy. China is looking at emerging as a regional power which of course can off-set US power in the region, but China is not creating any significant power projection capabilities that look at trumping the US globally. They have a fairly significant Sub fleet/ambitions, but this speaks more of regional denial and an ambition of securing Taiwan and denying too much US involvement if push comes to shove in the region. China has about 400 nukes, with only maybe 60 of them mobile which speaks of nuclear survivability. That's defensive in nature, not offensive. China can shoot down satellites, once again a defensive capability without large carrier fleets or long range bomber craft.


Therefore, the soaring Chinese economy is the greatest threat to the US which makes Romney's idea of making them partners a sound move. However, China is still growing and is nowhere near as stable as the US. It has inflation issues and the central government does not exert full authority over the periphery.


In conclusion, the US's biggest threat is its own foreign policy. If the new president uses the same aggressive policies as we have seen over the last 7-8 years, the US will have bumpy roads ahead. However, if there is a little more diplomacy and multilateralism, the US can remain quite secure as the pre-eminant power in the world. :p

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economically china is by far and away the biggest concern to the united states position as global big dog right now. the system of western style market communism is impossible to beat. while on one hand you have a free market and most of the perks of capitalism, you also get to imprison people without trial or cause, ban labor unions, and control the media that would stifle production. we gotta get on that bandwagon!

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