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Cannabis gives you the CHRONIC lung disease

Fist 666

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i watched on video on youtube

and the news was like

'this weed, will kill you'

and these people did this thing and proved them wrong

it would take something like 500 to 1500 joints in 15 minutes to kill you


yeah, i heard it would take like 900 joints with 2 grams of weed in it for someone to overdose on THC.


the thing is, you'd fall asleep before then or be too hungry to keep smoking.

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everyone always says weed is harmless... just like alcohol, but studies show otherwise...





Warning over cannabis lung harm

Cannabis bundle

The impact of cannabis on the lungs depends on how it is smoked

Heavy cannabis users may be at greater risk of chronic lung disease - including cancer - compared to tobacco smokers, two studies suggest.


One study found a higher risk of lung cancer for those who smoked one joint a day compared with those who smoked 20 cigarettes a day over the same period.


Another found bullous disease - a form of emphysema - occurs 20 years earlier in cannabis smokers.


The studies appear in Respirology and the European Respiratory Journal.


Both studies come at a time when the government is considering whether to change the laws on the possession of cannabis.


Deep inhalation


The lung cancer study was conducted on 79 patients in New Zealand. The risk of the disease rose 8% for each year of smoking one joint a day, and 7% for each year of smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.



The situation is complicated in the UK as the two drugs are almost always smoked mixed together

Steve Rolles

Transform Drug Policy Foundation


Researchers at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand admitted it was a small study, but said nonetheless "it shows clearly that long-term cannabis smoking increases lung cancer risk".


They speculated the heightened risk may be connected to the fact that the cannabis smoker inhales more deeply and for longer, increasing the amount of carbon monoxide.


This was also thought to be the issue in a second, smaller study of 10 patients who were treated for chronic respiratory problems at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.


All admitted intense cannabis use for at least a year. They had developed bullous lung disease, a condition where air becomes trapped in the lungs, at an average age of 41, compared to 65 for tobacco smoking patients.


The campaign group Transform Drug Policy Foundation said it was very difficult to separate cannabis from tobacco use as the two were so often smoked together.


"Variations on the 'cannabis is more dangerous than tobacco' have been emerging sporadically for several decades. Different research using different methodologies has suggested very different conclusions, making such comparisons problematic," said spokesman Steve Rolles.


He added that inhaling smoke from any burning object was intrinsically harmful, and that policy should focus more on educating people about the risks of taking the drug - which can be taken using other methods - in this way.


The British Lung Foundation said the debate about cannabis's effect on the lungs had tended to focus on the mental affects, overlooking the impact on the lungs.


"Many people don't know that smoking a joint is more harmful to the lungs than smoking a cigarette, as marijuana is often inhaled more deeply and held for longer," said Dr Noemi Eiser, honorary medical director of the British Lung Foundation.


"The New Zealand study highlights the carcinogenic properties of cannabis smoke and it is a great worry that these exist in similar or even greater proportions to tobacco smoke."


The UK Government may decide later this year whether it will reclassify cannabis as a class B drug, having downgraded it to a class C substance in 2004.


There is evidence to suggest that usage has fallen since reclassification occurred.


if its a government study then that shits false.. its probably just a scare attempt to get niggas to quit. seriously. one joint a day is worse then a whole fucking pack of smokes? come on now.





that doesnt even sound right.:rolleyes:

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yeah, i heard it would take like 900 joints with 2 grams of weed in it for someone to overdose on THC.


the thing is, you'd fall asleep before then or be too hungry to keep smoking.


thats what makes it so awesome.


it, although a mere plant. acts as a bartender to tell you when youve smoked enough

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Guest shai_hulud

I saw my friend OD on weed the other night.


He ate three cookies (each one has about a gram of kif in them) and smoked two BIG joints I rolled for him.


He didn't move for six hours. Literally. Did. Not. Move.


I finally kicked him out at 1:00 AM so I could go to bed. He had no idea where he was or what had happened. The next day, he told me that was the highest he had ever been in his life.

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